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CBA for Staff Leasing

The new CBA for Staff Leasing became applicable on 1 May 2016 and it will remain so until the end of 2018. The decision to extend the Collective Bargaining Agreement was approved by the Swiss Federal Council.

Main tenets of the CBA

  • 13th month salary for all assignments.

  • Calculation of gross wages: The module for calculation is stipulated for all cases where it is not governed by another CBA. Vacation is calculated after an addition of the base wage and public holidays. Previously, vacation was calculated only on the base wage.

  • Minimum wage: According to training and geographical region.

  • Work time: Normal working hours are 42 hours per week; payment for extra hours and overtime is set in the same way as vacation and public holiday compensation.

  • Training: A further training fund for temporary workers has been established. To find out more, go to

  • Occupational pension: Regulations have been harmonized for all temporary workers

  • Daily sick leave insurance: Better protection in the event of loss of income due to sickness (for further details consult “What you need to know about the CBA for Staff Leasing” in the documents available for download).

  • Contributions: Contributions for the new CBA are 1% of the gross salary, of which 0.3% is funded by the employer and 0.7% by the worker. This share contributes to continuing training, social funds and implementation of the CBA.

  • Scope of application 
    The CBA for Staff Leasing now applies to all leasing companies, independently of size.

  • Flexible work time 
    The limit of daily overtime, which is subject to supplement, will be raised from 9 to 9.5 hours. 
    The limit of weekly overtime, which is subject to supplement, will remain at 45 hours.

New from 1 January 2019

  • Increase of minimum wages 
    Progressive increase of minimum wages in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

Further information

Check the website of Swissstaffing, the Swiss association for leasing companies, as well as, which provides detailed information on salaries and minimum thresholds, vacation, public holidays and implementation contributions etc.  

Documents to download

Swissstaffing brochure 2019-2020 (the key info on the CBA for Staff Leasing)

Original text of CBA for Staff Leasing (2012)