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Tailored HR outsourcing for innovation and value creation.

We develop strong partnerships with our clients thanks to a thorough understanding of their markets, their mission and their HR requirements. This allows us to develop individual, specific solutions that support their strategy and allow them to achieve their objectives.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsourcing the recruitment process and attracting talented new workers while reducing risks and costs

We provide the solutions for your recruitment challenges – solutions tailor-made to fit the requirements of your organisation and markets. Find and attract the most talented workers with our flexible and adaptable RPO. Our innovative approach is based on our expert knowledge of recruitment and makes use of cutting-edge technologies and practices.

Your benefits

  • Greater cost predictability

  • A more efficient process

  • Improved candidate experience and employer image

  • Better recruitment quality

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Professional expertise
    Project management
        Strategic alignment


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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Outsource management and running of your temporary workforce recruitment.

Optimize your workforce management: take advantage of increased predictability, performance improvements and reduced costs.

Thanks to its adjustable Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions, Manpower relieves you of all tasks related to management of your temporary workforce including temporary workers, external consultants, freelancers and interns etc.

By implementing a dedicated and centralized structure, Manpower coordinates and optimizes management of your workforce by streamlining:

  • management of recruitment process,

  • management of supplier contracts,

  • distributing service requests between suppliers

  • monitoring contract handling: recording hours and billing, reporting, legal compliance etc.

Your benefits

Automation of processes, streamlining of suppliers and flows, systematic monitoring of their performance and the presence of a unique contact mean:

  • improvement in recruitment quality

  • efficiency gains in processes – no more extra administrative burdens and shorter wait times

  • significant risk reduction and improved compliance

  • substantial cost reduction.


Effective reintegration in the labour market

Do you need to restructure your company and let some of your employees go? Our consultants, specially trained in reintegrating workers into the job market can support your employees in finding new jobs.

Our career management service includes:

  • Training in how to find a job

  • Regular support and personal coaching

  • Finding new opportunities

To complement this, our partner, Right Management, offers a wide range of services in talent and career management.

Your benefits

  • Reduction in reintegration time of employees

  • Strengthen your corporate brand image

  • Efficient, practical and cost-effective solutions