Welcome to Manpower

The quality of our branches and our organisation is shaped by the character of the people who form part of them. Manpower relies on the expertise and experience of its employees to provide the best possible service for its clients and candidates. By joining Manpower, every one of our employees becomes a full member of the group and a link in this vital network. That is why we encourage each individual to become a key player and a driving force by getting involved in life at Manpower and making an active contribution towards its development.


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7 good reasons to join Manpower


  • Healthy company with human values, a pioneer in the field of recruiting and placing permanent and temporary employees since 1960, proud of its traditions, armed with a clear strategy

  • Our service quality is appreciated by our clients

  • The brand Manpower is renowned both in Switzerland and across the world

Remuneration and salary

  • Attractive base salary

  • Generous variable remuneration system

  • Individual and team performance is appreciated and rewarded


Attractive social benefits

  • Your occupational pension pays more: Manpower’s pension fund offers above-average benefits1

  • Less deduction from daily sickness allowance insurance for the same benefits

  • Parental leave, sick pay and, in the case of an accident, no salary reduction for two years2

1 Average interest rate over the last 20 years: 4.5% / guaranteed rate of 2.0% in 2018 / coverage ratio of 132.1% (end of 2017)

2 720 days

Career and continuing education

  • Career plan, excellent internal progression prospects, including in partner organisations abroad

  • Manpower Training Academy – training adapted to all roles

  • Access 5,000 free online courses with powerYOU

  • Preventive health programme

Friendliness and simplicity

  • Company culture centred around openness and appreciation

  • Simplicity and trust. Senior executives who support their team

  • A company with a human dimension, little hierarchy, quick decision-making processes and a great deal of autonomy

  • Etisphere® label, ethically responsible

  • Annual staff satisfaction survey followed by specific measures for improvement

  • Real feedback culture 

Teamwork and entrepreuneurial culture

  • Teams that take advantage of complementary differences, where people respect and support one another

  • Flexible and part-time working models encouraged

  • Taking the initiative, experimenting and challenging yourself


Geographical location and working environment

  • Ideal location, accessible and in the heart of the city

  • In 40 towns and cities in Switzerland and in more than 80 countries

  • Friendly working environment


Our values from the perspective of our employees

Three core values that guide us in what we do.

Would you like to put your skills to use by working for Manpower? Do you share our values?

Then why not put them into practice by joining our team?


We care about people and the role that work plays in their lives. We help people develop their careers through careful planning, supervision and training. What particularly makes employees joining a company like ours stand out is their exceptional interpersonal skills. With their selfless attitude and sense of community, they enjoy working in a team and play an active role in ensuring the cohesion of the group.


We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources. We listen carefully in order to improve the quality of our relationships and service, and suggest solutions. Working for Manpower is all about showing a desire to learn and develop, not only by building up experience and acquiring new skills, but also through passing these on to others and sharing knowledge in order to allow the organisation to grow as a whole.


We are pioneers and we don't shy away from innovation. We strive to perform, innovate and move forward. We challenge ourselves in order to achieve constant improvement. We expect our employees to be creative, to take initiative, to adapt to a constantly changing working environment and to relish tackling the new challenges they face now and in the future.

Our jobs

We are always interested in receiving applications from potential employees, whether they are experienced professionals or young graduates. So if you think your profile matches one of these job descriptions, please visit our Career Site.

We look forward to hearing from you.


As an assistant, you will be the first point of contact for candidates at Manpower. You will play an active role in ensuring the satisfaction of our agency clients and take charge of all administrative activities within the agency. You will have a strong sense of team spirit and the versatility required to support our HR consultants, recruiters, sourcing staff and branch managers.

Sourcing Specialist

A sourcing specialist’s responsibilities include searching social networks and other associated sites to find suitable candidates, sending out recruitment e-mails and organising an effective candidate reference system. To succeed in this role, you will need to combine knowledge of sourcing methods with exceptional verbal and written communication skills. You will ultimately be responsible for putting together a strong pool of talented candidates to meet our clients’ current and future needs.


Your job is to provide the sales force with a continuous supply of talent organised by business area and geographical region. A recruiter’s responsibilities start with identifying the requirement at hand, monitoring (active and passive) sourcing of potential candidates and preselecting CVs and carry on right through to arranging interviews and checking references and background information. The recruitment process calls for a creative approach, using both traditional and non-traditional resources and a network of contacts set up to spot and attract talent. These resources often include community networking events, job fairs, training institutions, online sources and marketing activities. Recruitment also involves establishing direct contact through searching for candidates currently in employment.


Your job is to acquire and manage contracts to select qualified staff for permanent, temporary or project-based positions in key strategic sectors. You will be responsible for the entire process from analysing the client’s needs to concluding contracts. As part of these assignments, you will take care of sourcing, recruiting, evaluating and selecting qualified candidate(s) using the company’s HR processes. You will conduct interviews, evaluate personality profiles and prepare application files for our clients. With your methodical work on the market and your flair for sales, you will cultivate and develop a network of clients and candidates with the aim of satisfying their mutual needs in the best possible way.

Branch Manager

In your capacity as branch manager, you are responsible for your market and will be in charge of managing and developing your branch as an independent profit centre in line with budgets. With the help of your management staff, you will lead a team of employees, helping them to meet and surpass their objectives. You will also set an example in ensuring the right balance between supply and demand. You will match the needs of job seekers with those of businesses to accommodate candidates and help clients achieve success. You will pay particular attention to managing your own branch’s clients, taking advantage of every opportunity to develop new clients or markets. You will serve as Manpower’s primary ambassador in various circles or networks in which you are involved in your area of activity, representing the Manpower brand and values at external events. You will take care of business responsibilities towards clients and employees (fees, salaries) in accordance with Manpower’s internal guidelines and in strict compliance with legal standards (Swiss Federal Recruitment Act, Swiss Federal Employment Act, collective employment agreements, etc.). You will have a direct impact on the results produced by your branch. You will ensure compliance with codes of conduct and duties of confidentiality and information with regard to all of your contacts (candidates, clients and employees).