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The quality of our branches and our organisation is shaped by the character of the people who form part of them. Manpower relies on the expertise and experience of its employees to provide the best possible service for its clients and candidates. By joining Manpower, every one of our employees becomes a full member of the group and a link in this vital network. That is why we encourage each individual to become a key player and a driving force by getting involved in life at Manpower and making an active contribution towards its development.


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Our values from the perspective of our employees

Three core values that guide us in what we do.

Would you like to put your skills to use by working for Manpower? Do you share our values?

Then why not put them into practice by joining our team?


We care about people and the role that work plays in their lives. We help people develop their careers through careful planning, supervision and training. What particularly makes employees joining a company like ours stand out is their exceptional interpersonal skills. With their selfless attitude and sense of community, they enjoy working in a team and play an active role in ensuring the cohesion of the group.


We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources. We listen carefully in order to improve the quality of our relationships and service, and suggest solutions. Working for Manpower is all about showing a desire to learn and develop, not only by building up experience and acquiring new skills, but also through passing these on to others and sharing knowledge in order to allow the organisation to grow as a whole.


We are pioneers and we don't shy away from innovation. We strive to perform, innovate and move forward. We challenge ourselves in order to achieve constant improvement. We expect our employees to be creative, to take initiative, to adapt to a constantly changing working environment and to relish tackling the new challenges they face now and in the future.

10 reasons to join us

A world-known brand

"I’ve been working for Manpower for over a decade now. Back when I first started, I felt it was important to join a company with an international reputation. I am very proud and grateful to have been recruited by Manpower. I try to live up to the standards set by the brand and to represent it to the best of my ability, whether I’m dealing with clients or candidates. For the past 10 years, I have fully subscribed to Manpower’s values and I endeavour to apply them in my day-to-day work. What’s more, they match up well with my personal philosophy of life. This affiliation with ManpowerGroup also opens the door for us to reach a wider customer base and helps us with our recruitment assignments."
Laurent Chambellant – Geneva Branch Manager, Industry & Logistics / Technical & Engineering / Hotel & Catering

For more than 65 years, ManpowerGroup has established itself as an expert in and creator of innovative workforce solutions all over the world. To this end, we work hard every day to provide jobs that bring meaning to the lives of over 600,000 people across a wide range of business sectors and areas of expertise. Our group is also ranked amongst the most ethical companies in the world and has been named by Fortune magazine as one of the most highly regarded businesses.

Employees rewarded for their commitment

"Our employees do not just receive financial rewards for their commitment. Manpower knows how to be generous in showing its appreciation for the time and effort that employees put into their work by organising various events and trips."
Maya Spengler – Branch Manager / Schaffhausen

Awards for length of service for employees who have worked for the company for three years or more, extra days of holiday or an equivalent bonus for employees with five or more years of service, vouchers awarded to employees on their birthdays, staff events… these are just some of the many benefits offered to our employees throughout their career at Manpower.

Employees who have worked for the company for ten years become members of the “Long-standing Employees’ Club”, which also offers some great benefits such as trips and outings.

An attractive remuneration system

"An attractive remuneration system with an excellent salary for top performances!"
Peter Woodtli – Branch Manager / Aarau 

Our variable remuneration system is designed to reward all efforts made individually and as a team within Manpower. A management-by-objectives system also provides us with a way of acknowledging individual performances and each employee’s contribution towards the success of the business.

This means that our employees can clearly see the fruits of their labour, which are reflected in various bonuses and profit-sharing schemes.

Flexible working hours

"I really like working for Manpower because I have a lot of flexibility in terms of organising my working hours. Being able to balance my work and family life boosts my motivation and my well-being ."
Tanja Frangu – HR Assistant, Industry & Technical / Bern, 70% FTE

Nowadays, more than 20% of our staff work part-time and this flexibility is available to employees at all functional levels. It makes it easier for employees to reconcile their professional activities with their personal life, for example, or enables them to enrol on a continuing training or education programme while still being involved in internal development projects.

A family company

"I have felt part of the ‘Manpower family’ ever since I first joined the company and that’s a very nice feeling to have. During one of our yearly outings, I was proud to be seated next to Maria Mumenthaler, our founder and president, and to have the chance to talk to her about the problems and pleasures I come across in my day-to-day work. I also like the anniversary trips to places like New York, Morocco and Lisbon… and the tradition of inviting retired employees to come along too. Working here now is still just as interesting and enjoyable as ever: our trip to Strasbourg, having direct contact with our Executive Committee and our senior managers… I feel that I’m accepted as I am and I’m happy to be part of this organisation. I appreciate the company’s confidence in me. I still love my job as much as ever: having continuous contact with people helps me to stay young at heart."
Evelyn Iten – HR Consultant, Industry & Logistics / Baden, with over 30 years of service

Maria Mumenthaler founded Manpower Switzerland 55 years ago and her son is now in charge of the company. Our founder left us an extremely important legacy to ensure the well-being of the employees she cared so much about and this is carried on through a wide range of employee benefits, particularly the unforgettable trips (to Marrakech, Istanbul, Lisbon, London and New York, etc.) offered to the entire workforce every five years.

With its 400 employees, Manpower Switzerland is also a close-knit, people-oriented company where everyone works side by side with one another in an easy and friendly way. As far as all the staff are concerned, this is what the true spirit of the Manpower family is all about.

Successes encouraged and recognized

"Manpower is a flexible, grassroots organisation that recognises and encourages success. I have been given the chance to forge ahead with projects and the trust which has been placed in me is a rare honour from an employer. What’s more, the salary system is arranged in a way that very much fosters success by creating positive pressure, which pushes me to produce top performances and strengthens our team spirit.
This is an effective family-oriented organisation, where the good elements are recognised, encouraged and rewarded."

Frédéric Lablanquie – Senior Consultant, Technical & Engineering / Lausanne

Aside from the variable remuneration, which is intended to improve individual and team performance, Manpower Switzerland has developed a number of incentives to reward employees who have achieved outstanding success. For example, every year our Golden Club singles out 20 or so exceptional employees from across all branches and all areas of business. As a reward for their outstanding performance, these employees benefit from a programme of events and entertainment taking place each quarter throughout the year.

The Power Award presented by ManpowerGroup highlights the success of two Swiss branches each year.

Entrepreneurship as a culture

"In a way, all employees can view themselves as independent entrepreneurs. This gives them the freedom to succeed on their own initiative and to take responsibility for their area of activity. Each employee understands the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit – it’s a fantastic chance for all of them to gain independence and succeed on their own merit."
Desirée Suter – Branch Manager / Zug

At Manpower Switzerland, every single member of staff is responsible for his or her work and contributes to the success of the branch at his or her level. Our managers are given a great deal of autonomy in taking care of the independent running and development of their branches, while knowing that they can rely on support from the central services at the company headquarters. We encourage our employees to take the initiative, adopt an experimental approach and push their limits.

Career development as a focus

"When I was looking for an opportunity to change my career, Manpower gave me the chance to move from the banking sector, in which I had been working for 23 years, into the human resources sector. Manpower was actually able to identify what transferable skills I had and the links between these two professions. Then, during 10 years of dealing with one challenge after another, Manpower helped me to complete the training I needed to obtain a Swiss Federal PET (Professional Education and Training) Diploma in Human Resources and gave me the opportunity to develop in my role and as part of the organisation."
Steven Eglese – Senior Consultant, Administration / Lausanne

To help ensure that its employees could develop their skills on a continuous basis, Manpower opened the Manpower Academy in Bern. Our internal training centre provides support for all new members of staff during their integration and offers continuous training for employees on how to deal with specific problems in connection with their work. Coaching sessions and workshops are also held here, providing guidance for employees in their development towards expert or management level.

Our company also contributes towards funding for employees to undertake external courses for continuous professional development, such as language or IT courses, certification schemes for HR assistants and programmes aimed at obtaining a diploma as an HR specialist or even an MBA.

Favourable working conditions

"At Manpower, the workstations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and it’s a really pleasant place to work. There’s a very good atmosphere too. All employees are involved in implementing the strategy and can play a part in ensuring the company’s success by putting forward good ideas. Teamwork is a key success factor. At Manpower, team outings, regional events and opportunities to engage with other branches and regions have a motivating effect on the staff. We receive excellent rewards for our work based on the success of the business." 
Patrick Schmid – Branch Manager / Zofingen

All of our branches are located close to railway stations and are easily accessible. Our employees benefit from access to modern work tools and telecommunications equipment.

Aside from the pleasant and comfortable environment, it is the positive working atmosphere that generally gives employees the boost they need to develop within dynamic and united teams.

A very generous benefits package

"The benefits package makes a difference – with regard to the pension fund, for instance. Employee benefits are becoming more and more important. My employer offers me some excellent solutions in terms of this kind of benefit. With the pension fund having benefitted from very favourable interest rates over the past few years, our retirement savings have been building up nicely, while the inclusion of shares in the occupational pension fund means that employees are enjoying better benefits and greater security."
Walter Huber – Branch Manager / Sursee

Like many other organisations, we offer our employees preferential rates for certain gyms or cultural events.

However, not many companies can claim to have their own internal pension fund  which moreover offers above-average benefits – something which gives our staff more security on a personal level.

Welcome to the team… we’ve been looking forward to meeting you!

“Come to Manpower: once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it.” Julien Perret – HR Consultant, Industry & Transport, Logistics & Trade / Lausanne

Our jobs

We are always interested in receiving applications from potential employees, whether they are experienced professionals or young graduates. So if you think your profile matches one of these job descriptions, please feel free to send us your complete application (CV, cover letter, certificates and references) on our career site. Please remember to indicate the role you are interested in and your geographical mobility. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please note: Even if the masculine form is used for any of the above occupations, they are, of course, all jobs which are performed by men and women alike.

HR and Administrative Assistant

Acting as an assistant to the team, HR and administrative assistants are responsible for all administrative tasks carried out within the branch. They ensure that candidates and clients are welcomed when they come into the branch and provide support for all HR consultants and the branch managers.

HR Consultant

HR consultants make sure that the right balance is struck between meeting clients’ needs for human resources and fulfilling candidates’ requirements. They know how to identify and make use of candidates’ skills to help find jobs or positions matching their profiles. At the same time, they also use their expertise to respond to clients’ requirements, generate customer loyalty and acquire new clients. To do this, they cultivate lasting relationships with all of their contacts.

Branch Manager

Branch managers are in charge of running and developing their particular branch based on the concept of an independent profit centre. As the leader of a small team, they motivate and support their employees to enable them to achieve and surpass their personal goals and the objectives of the branch. Branch managers are involved in day-to-day operations, identifying the needs of job seekers looking for temporary or permanent positions and providing them with work. They determine their clients’ requirements and endeavour to satisfy them by applying their sales skills in the most effective possible way, especially when it comes to acquiring new clients.

Support functions

Our branches receive support from centralised services provided by the team at Manpower Switzerland headquarters, based mainly in Geneva, which comprises around 50 internal employees. Every day, with the aid of their linguistic skills and their keen sense of what makes a good internal customer service, these “back office” employees provide assistance for our sales force (client solution design, marketing and communication, key account management, internal training, etc.) as well as operational support (service desk, business applications, information systems, managing salary payments, project management, etc.) Our Accounting and Management Control teams, as well as our IT and Infrastructure staff, assist with the operational management of our various branches and optimise the performance of the business at national level. Meanwhile, several Human Resources teams (HR Administration, Pension Fund and People Development) devote their efforts to managing and developing the people who work for Manpower Switzerland.