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Our specialist HR advisors support the watch industry by supplying meticulously selected experts


Our know-how

If time is a luxury, our recruiters will satisfy your personal needs quickly and based on a wealth of industry expertise as they know exactly which contemporary skills are currently in demand in this traditional Swiss sector.

Just like in many other industries, digital manufacturing methods and state-of-the-art production tools now form an integral part of watchmaking and highly specialised experts with an advanced level of training are more sought-after than ever. 

Notable Swiss watch manufacturers have faith in our ability to shortlist candidates – and with good reason, as Manpower has captained the industry for more than 60 years and has been there to see through every transformation with experienced staff. Candidates’ skilled craftsmanship, time management and ability to interpret and implement complex plans are put under the microscope as part of a test. If a contract is concluded, Manpower offers its employees the opportunity to complete all further training courses that are important in the watch industry.

We keep this expertise available for you in our pool of watch specialists from the areas around Schaffhausen, Geneva, Biel and Jura – renowned areas in this industry. 

Six good reasons to choose Manpower Watch 

Reliable recruitment partner for
all HR needs from a single source

Manpower uses active sourcing to recruit
the right talents, as well as
various tools to evaluate skills

Compliance with labour laws and
collective bargaining agreements    

A global network supported
by an international group

Expert knowledge of the labour market thanks to professional consulting teams and specialised professionals

Based locally and across
Switzerland, Manpower is
represented in all linguistic regions

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