Training solutions

It’s never too late to learn and to improve, which is why Manpower offers all of its temporary associates access to online and face-to-face training programs. Take advantage of one of these solutions to support the integration of new members into your team or to train temporary workers who work in your company. Does your work take place in a specific context ? Do you need an even more targeted solution? We will work with you to identify how we can implement situation-specific training programs.

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powerYOU is Manpower’s online training program.

Keen to offer its temporary associates the same possibilities as a traditional employer, Manpower has set up an online platform to allow them to add to their knowledge and skills. When on assignment with Manpower, our temporary associates working in your company have the opportunity to test their knowledge and acquire new skills suited to the demands of their job, position or market.

More than 4,000 online courses in 18 different languages are available to them for free for three months. The training programs cover numerous professional and technical skill areas.

Learn, polish their skills with just a few clicks and study at their own pace at home – powerYOU is an online training platform that can be accessed form anywhere, at any time and at their own pace.  Because it’s your time to shine!


Any temporary associate that we assign to your company is automatically subject to the CBA for Staff Leasing which guarantees the right to subsidised professional development.

Once an associate has clocked up at least 88 hours of temporary work with a leasing agency in Switzerland, and if the associate fulfils the conditions stipulated, they are entitled to a subsidy which may cover up to 5000 CHF of a professional development course.

The training fund is managed by Temptraining and it recognises more than 1200 schools and institutions.

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Manpower Hygiene

Ensuring the safety of your products and the health of consumers

Manpower’s “Hygiene” training provides its temporary workers with the essential knowledge of how to approach hygiene at production facilities in the food industry and the chemical industry. These training courses aim to ensure that no products pose a health risk to consumers and that employees know exactly how to behave in an environment where hygiene is paramount.

Our training complies with the IFS Food (International Featured Standards) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) directives applicable to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Manpower devised its training programme in 2015 in partnership with Albstadt-Sigmaringen University in Germany, which specialises in food, nutrition and hygiene.

Each training course finishes with a hygiene test in order to check what has been learnt. All employees receive an endorsement in their SUVA personal safety passport once they have completed and passed the test.

Manpower Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is an issue that affects every industry, especially in high-risk sectors. This means that we are all responsible for ensuring safe working conditions and environments, for promoting security in the workplace and for minimising the risk of accidents, contamination or infection.

To this end, Manpower works with Swiss health insurer Suva to train and brief its temporary employees on the rules to be followed in their places of work. Our workers need to know the safety regulations, legislation and standards that apply in their sector – especially in construction, transport and logistics and in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They must also be informed of the policies in force on the premises and in the companies where they work in order to ensure their own safety as well as that of their colleagues and, if relevant, of third parties as well. This enables them to perform the duties assigned to them under the best possible conditions and in a manner that inspires full confidence amongst all the stakeholders involved.

We include your specific tests upon request

Working together with your company and Suva, we can devise training courses that finish with tests to check the knowledge of the employees we send to you. We also offer standard tests enabling you to verify employees’ knowledge of the risks and hazards to which they may be exposed during their assignment. Each of our temporary workers is given a Personal safety passport, which lists the tests they have completed.