Score high at the interview!

Well done!

Your application has been accepted and you are going to meet a recruiter. Now it's time to prepare yourself for a successful interview. Your success depends on your preparation beforehand, your performance on the big day and the follow-up afterwards.

The ABC's of an interview


  • Don't change or postpone the meeting time (unless absolutely necessary).

  • Be on time (ideally, 5 minutes early).

  • Make sure your personal appearance is neat. Choose your outfit beforehand. Comply with the dress code of your profession. In the tertiary sector, a suit and tie or else a skirt/trouser suit always makes a good impression.

  • Adopt a positive attitude and smile.

  • Prepare yourself for the recruiter's usual questions

  • Practice presenting yourself in a few short minutes. (Choose the aspects of your training and work record that show that you are THE ideal candidate for the position and that you would be able to function right away.)

  • Be honest.

  • Be diplomatic.

  • Be discreet about your former jobs (i.e. comply with any confidentiality clauses).

  • Never criticize a former employer.

  • Don't try to read the recruiter's notes.

  • Listen to the questions and ask for them to be repeated if you don't fully understand.

  • Focus on your professional record.

  • Remain professional.