How your application can lead to your perfect job

Are you looking for a full-time job or a temporary position? The very first step for you is to create a Curriculum Vitae or CV.

The second step is to write a cover letter. The content of your letter will differ depending on whether you are responding to an ad or making a speculative application.

Once you have all of these documents ready, you can send your completed file including diplomas, certificates, Masters, school diplomas, language certificates, work certificates, letters of recommendation and references. Now you just need to decide how to send it: by e-mail via an online form or by mail.

The CV

A winning CV showcases your professional record and is clear, precise, attractive and impeccable in its presentation. It is addressed to a recruiter, an HR officer or directly…

A striking CV

The cover letter

A cover letter should showcase your CV. It represents a link between your work record (the past) and the job you are seeking (the future). It must show…

A winning letter

Choice of words

It is important to use a strong and precise vocabulary when writing your CV or cover letter. By choosing the right words, you strengthen…

The right words

How to apply

Completing an online form on the Internet, sending your application by email or posting your entire file are the three most standard ways to apply. The way you…

How to apply