Manpower Staffpool®

Specialized associates, regular assignments: immediate performance!

Do you need carefully selected workers who are professionally trained, have skills specific to your sector and are immediately operational? Our industry sector specialized teams tick all of those boxes. Manpower Staffpool meets your recurring, seasonal and short-term staffing needs.

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Staffpool mechanism

Manpower Staffpool® was developed to respond to localized needs for teams of workers as quickly as possible. The system’s effectiveness lies in the ability to dip into shared talent pools to meet the labour market’s requirements. All businesses in the same sector that require the same skills can collaborate and hire candidates from a shared talent pool. From the other side, the talented workers included in these pools are more flexible and can easily move from one business to another.

Our staff pools provide greater productivity, increased safety and excellent integration in your team. This is the preferred solution of many companies, as it affords them greater reliability, clear savings when it comes to training and also time savings when staff come on board ready for the job.

Several possibilities

Standard training sessions sometimes aren’t enough to meet a company’s special needs. So, while our training tools and workshops are field tested, we stand ready to adapt or develop special training so that it meets your expectations.

Some business clients have come to us to recruit and hire entire permanent teams of workers in a given field. We can do that, too, because our Staffpool team is always recruiting, hand-picking and training associates in the fields where our pools are needed.

10 Advantages for you as the partner business

By becoming a Manpower Staffpool® partner, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages:

Time saved when recruiting the best candidates thanks to an existing pool of candidates

A Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Predictable costs and transparent accounting

Administrative staff management done by Manpower

Process Optimisation through a proven recruitment procedure

Pre-selection by Manpower and the partner company of temporary workers with skills appropriate for the sector

Minimized staff turnover

High quality standards and top performance by workers

Similar quality standards for all of Switzerland

Recruitment through job offers specially created for the Staffpool®

Evaluation of candidates’ technical knowledge and skills

When recruiting new pools, Manpower verifies candidates’ technical knowledge and skills with evaluation tools specifically for hygiene, safety or dexterity.

The benefits for you

Being among the businesses that partner with Manpower Staffpool® lets you cover your needs for seasonal or short-term staff and gives you priority access to experienced temporary workers whose knowledge and skills in the field have already been tested and brought up to speed based on the needs of the positions.

Staffpool® associates undergo rigorous selection and training. They are available to Staffpool partners for repeated temporary assignments. This allows temporary staff to gain practical experience, and companies looking for staff with similar profiles have priority access to the best candidates.

What you need to know: a pool of workers is specialized in a specific sector and assigned to a region, a limited geographic zone. It is possible to hire a pool of workers permanently in your company. This means you can have a team with the skills you need immediately.

Simply High performance

Manpower Staffpool® workers:

  • are immediately operational, productive and high-performing

  • integrate into existing teams better because they regularly work with the same companies

  • tend to know each other

  • have received the ideal training

  • are familiar with the processes and equipment

  • know and master their tasks and roles

  • present a very low accident risk because of their experience.

In short, you’re guaranteed the best candidates who will be able to provide the highest level of service from day one of their contract.

10 Advantages for workers in a pool

With this arrangement, both sides of the Staffpool, candidates and you as a partner, benefit greatly. Becoming a Staffpool partner company gives you the opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with associates assigned to work with you in your company.

High service standards

Possibility of good pay

Increased job security, longer and more regular assignments

Possibilities for promotions

Regular training in the most common standards

Free training and skills enhancement

Practical experience in various companies

Possibility of regular assignments, more diverse experiences

Faster integration in existing teams

Possibility of permanent positions

Types of pools by sector

 Type of Staffpool®  Workers specializing in  Temporary Workers  Permanent placement
  Customer care Customer service & call centers X X
  Food Industry Food product production X X
  Logistics Warehouse & transport logistics X  
  Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Chemical and pharmaceutical production X  
  Watch Industry Watch assembly X  
  Medical Healthcare X X
  Construction Building and construction X  




Additional services for different sectors

Food industry and chemical and pharmaceutical production

Food industry

  • Tests of health and safety knowledge

  • Guarantee that all workers have received training and know the specific health and safety provisions





  • Construction and building workers are fully equipped according to Suva standards

  • They have their own tools.

  • Thanks to the construction site safety training received, Manpower Staffpool workers are aware of dangers. Your risk of accident is decreased.


Customer Care

Detailed understanding of your needs

To find the candidates who are the best fit for your corporate culture and have the necessary know-how for their position, we do what we refer to as a “Pulse-check”. That means we have our finger on the pulse of your business so that we can recruit just the right candidates. The process includes the following steps:

Customer care

  • Needs assessment

  • Individual interview with the client

  • Drawing up a profile (skills, personality and know-how)

  • Check-in on the jobsite

  • Selection of candidates using online tests

  • General personalised candidate assessment

Testing tools
  • Applications MS-Office

  • Languages (DE/IT/FR/EN)

  • IT

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Training tools
  • Call-Center

  • Customer Care

  • Sales Assistance

  • Customer Assistance

Customer Care candidates are carefully preselected during the recruitment process and prepared for their Customer Care assignment.

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  • Watch assembly tests

  • Our specific watch assembly test allows us to select workers who have the required manual dexterity for the various complex steps involved in watch assembly.