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Our job is to help find the position that best suits your professional experience, wishes and ambition. No matter the level of the position, the size of the company or the industry sector, we are here to work with you.

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Our permanent placement experts direct you towards companies that are looking for additional staff, help you prepare for your interview and support you throughout the trial period.

Our personnel consultants offer you short- or long-term temporary missions that meet your expectations and skills. They give you the tools you need to make this experience a success.

Are you looking for work? Here’s how to respond to an ad or send your speculative application to Manpower

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Documents required for an interview or if bringing your application to a branch in person...

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During your meeting you will complete an application questionnaire to outline your expectations about your desired assignment or ideal permanent position, your qualifications, experience, language and computer skills, etc.

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Temporary work with Manpower

Working alongside your Manpower consultant, you will find your perfect job and adapt your professional life to suit your personal life. Which do you prefer, working in an office or an industrial setting, for a small company or a multinational, on a permanent or contract basis? Manpower offers jobs in a variety of professional environments and numerous industries.

Our consultants are specialists in your professional field, and are there to help you find a permanent job or contract assignment by taking into consideration your skills as well as the opportunities and requirements in the current market.

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Looking for a permanent position?

Looking for a permanent position is not easy.  Manpower Switzerland can help you through the process. While some companies choose to carry out their recruitment process directly, many ask us to find the profiles they are looking for.

We advertise permanent positions from all fields and for all profiles, including for top management roles. We are here to advise you and we commit ourselves to finding a position that matches:

  • your skill level

  • your education

  • your professional background

  • your salary expectations

  • your life plan

Our personnel consultants are local market experts. Most of them have worked in the field for which they are now personnel placement specialists. As a result, our consultants speak the same language as you and have a thorough knowledge of the market's requirements.

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Manpower’s tip: By placing your application in the hands of recruitment experts at Manpower, by informing them of your skills and abilities and by explaining your career ambitions to them, you will have the opportunity to access positions for which the recruitment is exclusively carried out by us and that you would not be able to find on the open job market.

Outline of our recruitment process

You send us your application speculatively or in relation to a particular ad.

We review it.

Your profile matches our client’s needs.

We contact you to schedule an interview.

You are interested in the job offered.

We invite you to an interview with one of our consultants. During that interview, your registration with Manpower is completed.

If required by the position, we ask you to take tests in order to confirm your skill levels.

Your Manpower consultant submits your application file to our client.

We contact you by telephone or email to let you know if your application has been accepted or not.

Our client is interested in your application.

You meet them for a job interview.

You are hired.

If you are on a temporary assignment, we give you your work contract and you can start in your new assignment. If required by the position, your Manpower consultant accompanies you on your first day on the job.

In case of a permanent position, the work contract terms and the hiring details will be discussed directly with your new employer. If things don’t go as well as expected during the trial period, do not hesitate to contact your Manpower consultant anytime.

Your safety, our priority

Safety in the workplace is important not only for employees (you and your colleagues) but also for Manpower and its clients. It is crucial that temporary workers observe the security measures applicable in their workplace to reduce the risk of accidents.

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