Your safety, our priority

Safety in the workplace is important not only for employees (you and your colleagues) but also for Manpower and its clients. It is crucial that temporary workers observe the security measures applicable in their workplace to reduce the risk of accidents.

10 core principles to ensure safety on your assignment

We, at Manpower, regularly collaborate with our clients as well as with SuvaPro to produce information materials and safety books that we make available to you. We also offer tests that you can sit to certify your knowledge of the risks and hazards that you may be exposed to.

Strictly observe the company’s safety rules, whether you are a permanent employee or a temporary worker.

Observe safety signs and rules posted in the company’s premises or on the construction site.

Read the labels and follow the instructions when using toxic or dangerous products.

Wear the safety gear required by your position and work environment

for instance, helmet, safety vest, safety shoes, protection mask or gloves

Only operate tools or machines that you know how to use.

Make sure you have received prior training.

Similarly, only drive vehicles for which you have been appropriately trained and have obtained a driver’s license or authorization (having successfully passed a theoretical and practical examination).

If the equipment you use is defective, immediately report it to the person responsible in your workplace.

Inform the member of staff responsible as quickly as possible if your personal protective equipment is damaged. Do not wait for it to be replaced.

Observe the mandatory breaks

particularly when driving a heavyweight vehicle.

Beware of lack of sleep

particularly if you work on a multi-shift schedule or if you have to frequently change your work rhythm. Lack of sleep can reduce your attention level exposing you to increased risks in the workplace.

Beware of the effects of prescription drugs.

They can induce drowsiness, slow down reflexes or diminish your concentration.

Consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited before or during work.

Adjust to extreme work conditions.

For example, wear gloves if you work in the cold or drink enough liquids to keep hydrated if you work in intense heat.

Where do safety rules come from?

Most of the safety rules are designed by companies active in a given industry (for instance the construction, civil engineering or manufacturing industries). These rules are brought about by regulations or standards or simply result from common sense.

Manpower requires temporary workers to observe these rules in order to ensure safety in the client’s workplace but also to make sure that the assignment goes smoothly.

Temporary workers automatically commit to these rules when they sign the assignment contract.

Get informed

Manpower gives temporary workers precise information about positions requiring specific safety measures. Do not hesitate to contact your personnel advisor if you have any questions.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about safety in the workplace, we recommend that you visit our partner’s website: SuvaPro.

Information for temporary workers

Also during your free time

These safety tips also apply to activities not related to work, such as playing sports, going out or even activities at home. How often do we hear: “That accident was really dumb, I could have avoided it if only I...”.

Paying attention to your environment and listening to your common sense can help you prevent accidents. Keep your eye open and stay alert!