Recruitment by mandate

The staff shortage in Switzerland increases the complexity, duration and costs of recruitment, particularly for demanding roles such as specialist, manager or executive. We can advise you and help you to find the best profile for your organisational structure while sparing you time-consuming and expensive processes and ensuring complete confidentiality.


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Experience and success

When you assign us to recruit an executive or specialist, we always take your corporate culture and business strategy into account as well as the reason underlying the recruitment such as restructuring, an urgent need to fill a position or creating a new unit. This shared understanding of the environment of your position is key to the success of the mandate. 

We operate in all sectors from life sciences to manufacturing, trading to construction, finance to engineering, pharmaceuticals to banking and insurance, and many more. By choosing to entrust  Manpower with a recruitment mandate, you are also choosing a reliable partner who knows your sector and can guarantee a high standard of quality.

Your benefits

Recruitment by mandate differs from traditional recruitment due to our dedication to the specific process and services that are defined very clearly from the start of the mandate. Entrusting us with a recruitment  mandate means being certain that:


you are working with a partner who knows your market


you will find candidates using sourcing methods and tried-and-tested processes


your recruitment process will be made reliable to guarantee that your objectives will be met

Our commitments

Active and focused search

because we don’t wait to receive applications, we put together an active search strategy to find the specific profile for the


Thorough selection of candidates

because the processes of pre-selecting potential candidates, interviews, role plays, tests and checking references are
essential to ensure that recruitment is reliable


Flat fees

because each mandate is unique, we offer tailor-made services with controlled costs


Methodical, objective and effective assessment

because we use multiple tools for testing and evaluating candidates’ knowledge and skills


Replacement guarantee

because if the trial period has to be terminated during the first six months of employment, we will resume the recruitment


Discretion and confidentiality

because some situations require the utmost discretion

Thorough and effective process

The recruitment by mandate process is divided into three stages and includes the following services:


Example in the pharmacutical industry

Sales Manager

A scientific background with commercial and managerial experience and a perfect command of OTC and hospital sales channels. Very good knowledge of the Swiss German market is also required. Mandate completed in eight weeks.


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