You are a temporary employee of Manpower or you have found a permanent job through us. Recommend us to a friend or acquaintance and receive a bonus of CHF 300.- *! It's easy:

  1. Your friend or acquaintance has skills we are looking for.
  2. Together, fill out the form below. Your friend or acquaintance has a curriculum vitae with a short description of his/her professional skills. One of our consultants gets in touch with him/her. If it fits, your friend/acquaintance gets a job.
  3. Your friend or acquaintance works on a temporary work assignment** lasting at least three months or gets a permanent*** job through Manpower.
  4. You will then receive a bonus of CHF 300.–.*  

    * Deduction of any social charges due.
    ** Equivalent of 500 hours of work
    *** If the recommended individual obtains a permanent job, you receive the bonus of CHF 300.– after the expiry of the probationary period and after the conclusion of a permanent employment contract.










Terms and Conditions: The "Recommend us" only applies to individuals who have been temporarily employed by Manpower SA or have obtained a permanent job through Manpower SA in the last 24 months. Your recommended friend/acquaintance is not registered with Manpower SA. Manpower SA is entitled to change or terminate this campaign without further notice. By providing your contact information, you agree that your data may be used for administrative and informational purposes.

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