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Revealing beauty

A setter's job is to showcase precious stones. They know how to set, file and crimp them in order to present them in their best possible light. The setting process differs from welding or adhesive bonding and enables stones to be permanently fixed onto a metal base. All this work helps to improve the natural luminosity of the stone and elevate the jewellery to a new aesthetic level.

An expert in precious stones, the setter uses all their skills to reveal the beauty of the jewellery and the stone. After examining the settings, they determine the best way to position the stone on the piece of jewellery, which may be a pendant, ring, watch or bracelet. They know all there is to know about fine and precious stones, whatever their size or colour. Experienced setters may be required to work with incredibly valuable stones.

They have an excellent command of the various setting techniques, such as prong, grain, channel or bezel setting. They may also create pavé settings of all kinds, be they regular or irregular.  Setters have profound knowledge of the various types of metal and their properties. They are able to interpret technical drawings and to draw a representation of the adjustment process used on the precious stone once it has been set. Once setting is complete, they ensure that the assembled piece is secure and verify its conformity. The finishing touches of stone-setting are also their responsibility.

As the link between the lapidary – who cuts the stones – and the jeweller, setters use their aptitude for precision work to ensure that the jewellery is of excellent quality. Setters work in a workshop, often with other employees, and use highly specialised tools. They follow the safety and risk prevention rules at all times.

Skills required: creativity – discipline – precision – meticulousness – ability to concentrate – dexterity – visual acuity – manual skill – team spirit – analytical mind – patience

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