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A courier drives a vehicle in order to deliver products or collect goods over short or medium distances. This distinguishes them from lorry drivers who only cover long distances. Couriers are professionals in the field of transport and distribution of parcels or goods, and must possess a range of skills that enable them to carry out every step of the delivery procedure. They must be physically fit as they may need to carry heavy loads. They also know how to lift these loads safely in order to avoid injury. Couriers are excellent drivers who know all the safety rules and apply them consistently. 

Every day, a courier plans their route and sets their schedule depending on the deadlines they must meet. Where possible, they take into account the working hours of the businesses they are visiting and keep an eye on the traffic conditions to avoid delays. Their sense of direction (and their GPS) help them to save time. They optimise the loading of their vehicle based on their route and the weight of the products, before setting off to deliver or collect goods.

Couriers work efficiently and precisely, keeping in contact with the goods’ recipient to whom they are providing the service to ensure that the items delivered are correct and undamaged and have been signed for. They may sometimes collect payment from the customer or pick up an item to be returned.

Couriers also ensure that their vehicle is kept clean and serviced regularly. 
They may be employed by transport or logistics firms, or wholesale trading companies. The road is their workplace and their truck is their office. Although they are alone while driving, they come into contact with a range of people: customers, service providers and colleagues working at their company. When making deliveries, a courier is the face of their company. They must therefore be polite and friendly to the people they meet.

Skills required: category C driving licence – physically fit – written and verbal French skills – versatility – sense of direction – sociable – good at dealing with stress – interpersonal skills

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