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Payrolling is one of Manpower’s most highly valued solutions. Why? Because managing staff salaries is often complex and timeconsuming. Our payrolling solution offers multiple benefits, not least in lifting the burden of staff administration.


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What you gain


You recruit your staff and decide on their salaries.


We take your staff under contract according to your salary scheme.


You optimise your time by relieving yourself of the burden of staff administration and focusing fully on your high-value-added activities.


Your staff’s social security cover complies with the law.


Manpower assumes all the obligations of an employer and the risks associated with employees (illness, pregnancy, military service, etc.).


You do not have to deal with the constraints and costs of formalities to meet the requirements of the authorities, the state or the social insurance scheme (OASI card applications, work permits, etc.).

The details

Simply send us your timesheets in hardcopy form or electronically via Manpower Webtime and we will calculate and pay your salaries within five days.

Payroll processing includes all legally required formalities, including:

  • calculating and paying salaries
  • calculating social security contributions
  • managing absences and public holidays
  • preparing salary statements
  • managing work permits
  • managing health, accident and occupational pension insurance cases
  • withholding tax at source
  • managing family allowances and military service
  • withholding payments on behalf of debt enforcement offices as necessary
  • ensuring compliance for all tax and/or social security documents


  1. Pension fund
    Membership of the occupational pension fund is on a case-by-case-basis. The sum invoiced is increased by the amount of the premium payable, which varies depending on the age of the pension holder.

  2. Absences
    Manpower pays for absences due to sickness and accidents, family allowances and military service (fund for loss of earned income). Processing of the following is charged separately:

  • childbirth and maternity leave

  • military service

  • public holidays

  • other absences (marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc.).

How much does it cost?

Gross salary*


Employer's charges


Manpower management costs


Total charged excluding VAT**

  • Basic salary
  • OASI / invalidity insurance / loss of income allowance
  • Operating costs
  • Annual leave
  • Unemployment
  • Financial costs
  • Public holidays
  • Illness
  • Manpower's margin
  • 13th month salary
  • Accident
  • Occupational pension
  • Family allowances

* The gross salary is determined in accordance with the collective employment agreements (CEAs) and applicable legal standards.
**All Manpower services are subject to VAT.