People who work with one another add to each other’s potential. People who work for one another multiply each other’s potential!

Gianni Valeri
Country Manager ManpowerGroup
+41 58 307 2480

In the human age, skills and expertise are the future forces of the world of work.

Leif Agnéus
External Relations & Public Affairs Director
+41 58 307 2121

Market changes create new competitive advantages. These are also generated through innovate processes.

Sophie Escand
Head of Digital & Operations
+41 58 307 2180

it is also fascinating to look at what's behind the figures.

Eva Ott
Head of Finance
+41 58 307 2251

In a world of constant change, continuous self-evaluation is key to provide clients with a best-in-class experience.

Edith Saladin
Head of Sales & Marketing
+41 58 307 3401

Your skills are what you can do. Motivation determines what you do. Your attitude determines your level of success. Either we succeed or we learn.

Monika Schuppisser
Head of People & Culture
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At Manpower, we are committed to helping people advance in their personal and professional careers every day.

René Amrhein
Director Permanent Placement
+41 58 307 2871

For us, lifelong learning means staying in the race and actively preparing for the challenges ahead.

Benjamin Hügli
Regional Director Zurich
+41 58 307 2751

We are facilitators, our mission goes far beyond that of a simple intermediary.

Peter Unternährer
Regional Director Bern
+41 58 307 3672

Working is important, but working together as a network and a team is essential.

Laurent Vacelet
Regionaldirektor Westschweiz
+41 58 307 2326



I look forward to how we can further support you to continue to grow your business and your people.

Mike McGinty
Country Manager Experis
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People who always ask “Why not?” instead of “Why?” open up their perspectives and will easily try out something new.

Yvonne Baumgartner
Managing Director Talent Solutions
+41 58 307 2160