About Manpower

Our management team

In the human age, skills and expertise are the future forces of the world of work.

Leif Agnéus
General Manager
+41 58 307 2121

It’s also fascinating to look at what’s behind the figures.

Herbert Beuchat
Head of Finance
+41 58 307 2170

You have to adapt quickly to respond to the changing needs of companies.

Vital Bigler
Regional Director Zurich – Eastern Switzerland
+41 58 307 3792

We have been in the running since Manpower was formed in Geneva in 1960.

Vincent Chevalley
Regional Director Geneva - Neuchâtel
+41 58 307 2161

Market changes create new competitive advantages. These are also generated through innovate processes.

Sophie Escand
Head of Digital & Operations
+41 58 307 2180

In a world of constant change, continuous self-evaluation is key to provide clients with a best-in-class experience.

Romain Hofer
Head of Marketing & Communication
+41 58 307 2271

Your skills are what you can do. Motivation determines what you do. Your attitude determines your level of success. Either we succeed or we learn.

Olivier Kunz
Head of HR
+41 58 307 2224

Knowing what you need to do isn’t enough. You need to do it, too.

Nicole Renggli
Regional Director North-West Switzerland – Central Switzerland – Ticino
+41 58 307 3853

We are facilitators, our mission goes far beyond that of a simple intermediary.

Peter Unternährer
Regional Director Bern
+41 58 307 3672

Working is important, but working together as a network and a team is essential.

Laurent Vacelet
Directeur de la région Fribourg - Jura - Vaud - Valais
+41 58 307 2326

People who work with one another add to each other’s potential. People who work for one another multiply each other’s potential!

Gianni Valeri
Head of Medical & Life Sciences
+41 58 307 2480

The companies at the forefront of talent management will have a competitive edge in the future.

Jérôme Vallat
Head of Client Solutions
+41 58 307 2171