People who work with one another add to each other’s potential. People who work for one another multiply each other’s potential!

Jan Jacob
Country Manager
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+41 58 307 2121

In the human age, skills and expertise are the future forces of the world of work.

Leif Agnéus
External Relations & Public Affairs Director
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+41 58 307 2121

Your skills are what you can do. Motivation determines what you do.

Thibault Chosson
Head of IT & Infrastructure
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+41 58 307 3198

It is also fascinating to look at what's behind the figures.

Eva Ott
Head of Finance
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+41 58 307 2251

In einer sich fortwährend verändernden Welt können wir ein unvergessliches Kundenerlebnis nur dann bieten, wenn wir uns immer wieder neu hinterfragen.

Edith Saladin
Head of Sales & Marketing
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Be brave, be curious and dream!

Igor Hahn
Operations Director
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+41 58 307 2852

For us, lifelong learning means staying in the race and actively preparing for the challenges ahead.

Benjamin Hügli
Head of Sales
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+41 58 307 2751

We are facilitators, our mission goes far beyond that of a simple intermediary.

Peter Unternährer
Regional Director Eastern Switzerland
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+41 58 307 3672

Working is important, but working together as a network and a team is essential.

Laurent Vacelet
Regional Director Western Switzerland
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+41 58 307 2326



Connecting people and technologies for our clients is my great passion.

Peter Wassmer
Country Manager Experis
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+41 44 229 9914

The demographic development challenges us all. We are proud to contribute significantly to help solve this development with our services.

Catherine Malet
Head of Permanent Placement
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+41 44 229 9996



True authenticity in the workplace is being able to bring ones best self to work. The fundament for this is a collective responsibility.

Nina Rüschen
Managing Director Talent Solutions
[email protected]
+41 79 542 96 02