HR solutions for technical and engineering roles


We meet your need for specialist employees in technical and engineering roles.


If high-quality work is important, our HR consultants are familiar with the industry, know about the roles currently need to be filled urgently in technology and engineering and have the relevant pool of experts at their disposal in Switzerland and abroad. All of them are highly educated technicians and engineers with many years of project experience in short- and long-term assignments. 

As in many other construction and manufacturing industries, the engineering sector and many technical professions are experiencing a shortage of specialist staff as the degree of specialisation is also increasing steadily. What’s more, there are different training and development options in different countries. This means that it is even more important to be able to classify the variety of training pathways and qualifications correctly – this is added value that Manpower’s experienced HR consultants can offer you. 

These HR consultants have been recruiting top specialists from all over Europe on a continuous basis for years, including through active sourcing and systematic headhunting, and placing them with clients from the installation and construction sectors, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and many other technical industries after they pass then aptitude tests successfully.


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What we offer the technical and engineering sectors

  Specialized staffing



Specialists for technical and engineering roles


We offer the right HR solutions for any time or sector, either in the form of permanent or temporary positions, as well as an emergency pool, outlay-based mandates and payrolling. 
We are happy to deal with your enquiries and generally respond to them within 24 hours.


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Exceptionally well trained and readily available. These specialists are happy to support you: 

  • Engineers from all fields: civil engineers, electrical and process engineers, industrial engineers

  • Automation engineers for planning, constructing and maintaining devices, machines, systems and automation systems

  • Polymechanics with relevant experience in precision mechanics, plant mechanics, machine mechanics or toolmaking

  • Machine fitters who also specialise in certain machines and systems

  • Mechatronics engineers with relevant knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as information and electrical technology

  • Technicians from all sectors, specialising in methodology and project management, as well as quality assurance




HR solutions during the coronavirus crisis

COVID-19The coronavirus pandemic also requires changes in technical sectors which could lead to increased or more flexible HR requirements, for example, due to “split operations” or gaps that are created by illness or childcare requirements. Our HR consultants are supporting you during this difficult period
to ensure that your performance remains high and your business risks stay low.





The most sought-after profiles

Our Technical & Engineering consultants recruit for our clients across Switzerland



Automation engineers


Project Managers

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Six good reasons to choose Manpower Technical & Engineering

  Zuverlässig Reliable recruitment partner for all HR needs from a single source. Medical Sector-specific expert knowledge of the labour market thanks to professional consultation teams and specialist professionals.
  training Access to innovative Manpower online tools for tests, additional training, sourcing, recruitment and matching. Online A global network supported by an international group.
  Compliance Compliance with labour laws and collective bargaining agreements Schweiz Based locally and across Switzerland, Manpower is represented in all four linguistic regions.


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Meet our technical & engineering experts

Laurent Vacelet

Rainer Kaufmann


Rui Martins Canteiro



Julien Soubeyrand


Laurent Vacelet
Regional Director Western Switzerland
Rue Haldimand 8
1003 Lausanne
T: +41 58 307 23 26

Rainer Kaufmann
Branch Manager Zurich Technical
Schaffhauserstrasse 343
8050 Zurich
T: +41 58 307 29 21

Rui Martins
Branch Manager Bern Technical
Spitalgasse 37
3011 Bern
T: +41 58 307 35 93

Julien Soubeyrand
Branch Manager Lausanne Technical
Rue Haldimand 8
1003 Lausanne
T: +41 58 307 23 04