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Manpower Life Science Competence Center helps you recruit qualified experts


For our clients, we recruit experts in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, medical technology and biotechnology. In order to cater to the needs of our clients, we have established a pool of personnel consultants with a scientific background who will provide you with optimum support in your search for staff. We give our clients maximum flexibility by offering types of contract tailored to the needs of the market:

Contingent work

  • Staff available at short notice in times of increased work volumes and to replace staff, flexible conditions of employment, variable instead of fixed costs

  • We take on all the risks relating to sickness or accidents; transparent rates and calculations; cost reduction (internal management and fixed costs); salary limits

  • Straightforward electronic management and recording of working times and remuneration, uniform processes throughout Switzerland

  • Uncomplicated processes and increased flexibility provide you with a high degree of freedom of choice and strengthen your competitiveness

Permanent placement

  • The Life Science talent pool is constantly being updated and expanded

  • Skills and personality tests, checking and validating references

  • Definition of job specifications, creating job advertisements, preselecting the best CVs

  • Interviews, evaluations, handling rejections, arranging appointments, shortlists for matching, onboarding support, preparing candidates

Recruitment by mandate

  • Discussion and analysis of the position, definition of needs, creation of a precise job description

  • Active search and selection, use of recruitment tools

  • Discussions with candidates, comprehensive assessments, collection of references

  • Interviews, shortlisting of the most suitable candidates, appointments and onboarding


  • You recruit your staff and determine their remuneration – in line with the minimum legal requirements – and benefit from a flexible term of employment

  • We conclude contracts with your employees in accordance with your salary conditions. This saves you a lot of time, as we take on the administrative management of your employees

  • With the Manpower pension fund, employees benefit from an excellent level of performance. By outsourcing employees, you can avoid premium increases relating to daily allowance insurance

  • We take on all employer obligations as well as all risks in connection to staff (illness, accident, pregnancy, maternity leave and military service)


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Candidates in the field of life sciences are carefully evaluated, references are checked and personality tests are carried out for executive positions as required. This enables us to ensure that we find the ideal candidate for our clients. We actively recruit staff in the following areas:

•    Pharmaceutical industry
•    Chemical industry
•    Medical technology
•    Biotechnology




Changes due to Covid-19


The importance of the pharmaceutical industry will increase and we believe that essential medicinal products will once again be produced in Switzerland in order to minimise dependence on other countries. This means that the need for specialists will increase in laboratories, in production and in research and development.

As a result, Manpower will increase its investment in the training and career development of these specialists so we can counteract a possible shortage of specialists and provide clients with the best possible advice.

The ramifications of Covid-19 will have a significant global and national effect. The impact on implementation of digital solutions in healthcare and innovations by Swiss companies is huge. Swiss medical technology companies are pulling out all the stops with care robots, virtual doctor’s surgeries and symptom checks on smartphones. Switzerland is playing a pioneering role and helping young companies with digitalisation and internationalisation. New and exciting trends and possibilities are emerging, as well as opportunities for talented people.

Exports by Swiss companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries amount to 39 per cent1 and the pharmaceutical industry accounts for more than a quarter of Swiss industrial added value2.

1 Statista Research Department, 16.01.2020
2 Interpharma Studie, BAK Economics AG, Dez. 2019

The most sought-after profiles

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Six good reasons to choose Manpower Life Science

  Zuverlässig Reliable recruitment partner for all HR needs from a single source. Medical Sector-specific expert knowledge of the labour market thanks to professional consultation teams and specialist professionals.
  training Access to innovative Manpower online tools for tests, additional training, sourcing, recruitment and matching. Online A global network supported by an international group.
  Compliance Compliance with labour laws and collective bargaining agreements Schweiz Based locally and across Switzerland, Manpower is represented in all four linguistic regions.

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