HR solutions for the building and construction sectors


Our dedicated HR consultants recruit well-trained specialists for the building and construction sector. 


Recruiting specialists for building and construction is challenging. The fact that many tradespeople are now recruited from abroad requires very good knowledge of the various professional qualifications as well as administrative expertise about the residence and employment law situation of foreign skilled workers in Switzerland. Our professional recruiters have this knowledge.

We recruit all-rounders with a wide range of professional experience as well as knowledgeable specialists for various construction phases and sectors who match your job specification exactly. Experts in civil engineering, residential construction and the construction of industrial buildings and interior design are in particular demand.

We cultivate our pool of staff which leads to a high level of loyalty and availability. This is important as well-trained specialists are in a very good negotiating position. We also ensure that our staff have completed all training and development as well as safety training and have the work clothing and safety equipment required. We require experience with the WorkControl application which regulates access to and compliance with legal requirements on construction sites for certain positions.


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What we offer the building and construction sector

  Specialized staffing



Specialists for the building and construction sectors


We offer the right HR solutions for any time or role, either in the form of permanent or temporary positions. We take care of payrolling in the context of a mandate or outlay-based mandates. We are happy to deal with your enquiries and generally respond to them within 24 hours.


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These unskilled workers and construction specialists will support you during all kinds of building and construction projects.

  • Unskilled workers

  • Road builders

  • Building-site machinery operators

  • Bricklayers 

  • Crane drivers

  • Scaffold builders and assemblers




We are counting on professionalism during the Covid-19 crisis

COVID-19Although construction and civil engineering work is officially allowed to continue, many construction companies cannot currently rely on the support of foreign unskilled and skilled workers. However, we can still fill these gaps and ensure that our temporary staff adhere to the strict coronavirus regulations and the associated adapted organisational structures.





The most sought-after profiles

Our building & construction consultants recruit for our clients across Switzerland


Road builders


Crane drivers

Scaffold builders and assemblers

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Six good reasons to choose Manpower Building & Construction

  Zuverlässig Reliable recruitment partner for all HR needs from a single source. Medical Sector-specific expert knowledge of the labour market thanks to professional consultation teams and specialist professionals.
  training Access to innovative Manpower online tools for tests, additional training, sourcing, recruitment and matching. Online A global network supported by an international group.
  Compliance Compliance with labour laws and collective bargaining agreements Schweiz Based locally and across Switzerland, Manpower is represented in all four linguistic regions.


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Meet our building & construction experts

Stefan Sommer

Jean-Pierre Rigotti


Kaled Alicehic



Benjamin Barmaz


Stefan Sommer
Branch Manager Bern Bau
Herzogstrasse 3
3014 Bern
T: +41 58 307 37 24

Jean-Pierre Rigotti
Branch Manager Geneva Bau
Esplanade de Pont-Rouge 2
1212 Grand-Lancy
T: +41 58 307 21 13

Kaled Alicehic
Branch Manager Lausanne Bau
Rue Haldimad 8
1002 Lausanne
T: +41 58 307 23 13

Benjamin Barmaz
Consultant Sion
Place du Midi 36
1950 Sion
T: +41 58 307 24 65

Lucrezia De Redda
Picassoplatz 4
4052 Basel
T: +41 58 307 38 02

Peter Woodtli
Branch Manager Aarau
Kasinostrasse 25
5000 Aarau
T: +41 58 307 33 48

Sandro Bieli
Branch Manager Thun
Bälliz 48
3600 Thun
T: +41 58 307 35 96

Steve Bouduban
Avenue de la Gare 41
2800 Delémont
T: +41 58 307 28 36