HR solutions for the chemicals sector


Our experts in the industry offer workforce solutions for laboratories and manufacturing


Achieving progress through technology – this approach also applies to the chemicals sector. Your success relies on familiarity with a time-honoured branch of science combined with future-oriented manufacturing processes. The demand for experts who can skilfully manage these interfaces is therefore high.

Our HR consultants who are familiar with the industry know where to find these specialists and what qualifications are required to be equipped for the future of the chemicals sector. Automation experts and process technicians are in high demand in chemical manufacturing and raw materials production, particularly those familiar with adapting production volumes. Innovation and development departments are always on the look-out for chemists with a strong interest in research, a pioneering spirit and specialist knowledge in the field of substance reactivity.

Regardless of their future role, we test all candidates in advance on their research and manufacturing experience. This guarantees immediate operational readiness – not just when things are doing well, but also in times of crisis.

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What we offer chemicals companies

  Specialized staffing



Specialists in chemical manufacturing


We offer the right HR solutions for any time or role, in the form of either permanent or temporary positions. We take care of payrolling as part of assignments or outlay-based assignments. We are happy to deal with your enquiries and generally respond to them within 24 hours.


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Exceptionally well trained and readily available. These specialists would love to help you:  

  • Chemical operators to ensure process safety in chemical plants

  • Industrialisation operators to handle chemical manufacturing processes

  • Agrifood operators for future-oriented food manufacturing

  • Laboratory technicians with a particular focus on organic chemistry

  • Process technicians and automation experts to implement manufacturing processes




Fighting COVID-19 by deploying manpower to the max


Securing chemical manufacturing is particularly important during the coronavirus crisis as it is closely linked to the production of live-saving substances. As a result, extra staff are currently in high demand and can be recruited at short notice thanks to our specialists, as this example shows: within only 14 days, we managed to recruit 50 temporary employees for a chemicals manufacturer who helped to produce 40 tonnes of hydroalcoholic gel free of charge for hospitals and for old people's and nursing homes. This shows how immensely valuable well-trained, immediately deployable staff are.





The most sought-after profiles

Our specialized consultants recruit staff for our clients across Switzerland


Chemical operators

Industrialisation operators

Laboratory technicians

Agrifood operators

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Six good reasons to choose Manpower Chemistry

  Zuverlässig Reliable recruitment partner for all HR needs from a single source Medical Sector-specific expert knowledge of the labour market thanks to professional consultation teams and specialist professionals
  training Access to innovative Manpower online tools for tests, additional training, sourcing, recruitment and matching Online A global network supported by an international group
  Compliance Compliance with labour laws and collective bargaining agreements Schweiz Based locally and across Switzerland, Manpower is represented in all four linguistic regions


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Meet our Chemistry experts

Thierry Bosiger



Xavier Wecxsteen


Thierry Bösiger
Branch Manager Morges
Rue du Sablon 2
1110 Morges
T: +41 58 307 23 81


Xavier Wecxsteen
Regional Manager Geneva & Nyon
Esplanade de Pont-Rouge 2
1212 Grand-Lancy
T: +41 58 307 26 41