Know your skills and emphasize them

We all have many abilities and skills, but it is important to know how to categorize and present your skills to employers.
Typically, skills are divided into three categories:

Transversal skills or soft skills

These skills can be useful in a variety of jobs. Examples include:

  • problem solving

  • written communication

  • organization

  • motivation

  • analytical mind

  • attention to detail

  • socializing skills

  • communication

  • sense of duty

  • time management

  • stress management

  • capacity to adjust

  • self-motivated

  • etc.

Discover soft skills

Job-Related skills

These specific skills are gained and reinforced through professional experience. Examples include:

  • typing speed

  • phone skills

  • computer programs

  • driving a forklift

  • language skills

  • etc.

Personal skills

These skills relate to your personality. Examples include:

  • hard-working

  • enthusiastic

  • punctual

  • honest

  • upstanding

  • loyal

  • dependable

  • ethical

  • etc.