Jobs in technics and engineering  


We offer attractive permanent and temporary positions in the fields of technology and engineering.


We are looking for you - the top specialists from Switzerland and from all over Europe and put you in touch with the leading companies in the plant and construction industry, automotive and machine technology and many other branches of technology and engineering.

The demand for skilled workers with specific knowledge who can reconcile complex requirements is constantly increasing. And so there is a wide range of options for short-term and long-term assignments. Our specialists, valued by the industry, will be happy to advise you and maximize your chances of finding the right position by optimally adapting your dossier to the requirements of the customer. We will also prepare you for the interview individually and even after the contract has been concluded, we will remain your contact for all matters. Onboarding is quick and simple, your applications and assignments can be viewed online at any time, and the salary for temporary assignments can be paid within 24 hours if desired.

As a temporary employee, you can also enjoy all the benefits of an employee, including further training opportunities and payments into the Manpower pension fund. Even after the mission, we will be happy to continue to look after you. With the evaluation of your assignment, you have, for example, the opportunity to specify your ideas for the next employment. Many employees in the fields of technology and engineering stay with us for many years - as long and as often as they want. We look forward to you becoming one of them. No matter where you come from, you will get there with us. 


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These specialists in technology and engineering are in great demand

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Top profiles in technics and engineering 


In addition to a very good basic technical training and classic engineering skills, specializations are in great demand within the industry. We are always looking for experienced generalists as well as specialists with proven expertise in a certain area of technology and engineering. 


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Extremely well trained and ready to go. Does it sound interesting to you? Then we look forward to hearing from you:  

  • Engineers in all fields: civil engineers, engineers for electrical engineering and process engineering, industrial engineers

  • Automation technician for planning, building and maintaining apparatus, machines, plants and automation systems 

  • Polymechanics with appropriate experience in precision mechanics, industrial mechanics, machine mechanics or tool mechanics

  • Mechanical fitter, for example for component and partial assembly

  • Mechatronics technician with appropriate knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as information and electrical engineering 

  • Technicians in all areas with expertise in methodology 

  • Quality controllers for testing and approving various work sections and components 

  • Method and process engineers to develop and implement methods and processes 

  • Project managers for the overall coordination and responsibility for construction and manufacturing projects 




Covid increases the need for technical skilled workers

COVID-19Entry restrictions, split operations, outages and many other circumstances that affect the work in the field of technology and engineering concern, lead to an even higher demand for technically skilled workers than before. In addition, that the technical sector is also experiencing very strong fluctuations in orders and shows a great interest in flexible employees, your chances in getting an interesting job increases - of course under Covid-safe working conditions.





Meet our technical & engineering experts



Rui Martins Canteiro


Julien Soubeyrand



Rui Martins
Branch Manager Bern Technical
Spitalgasse 37
3011 Bern
T: +41 58 307 35 93
[email protected]

Julien Soubeyrand
Branch Manager Lausanne Technical
Rue Haldimand 8
1003 Lausanne
T: +41 58 307 23 04
[email protected]