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Would you like to work in the chemical industry? Together we will find your dream job.


Major chemical companies around the world are based in Switzerland. No wonder, the job opportunities in the local chemical industry are great, whether in research, in the laboratory, in production or sales. Graduated chemists and are increasingly in demand.
Chemical laboratory assistants as well as technically skilled chemical workers who deal with the most modern production methods and knowing the manufacturing process very well - qualified specialists like you. Manpower's consultants who specialize in the chemical industry offer long-term contacts with the leading chemical companies and consequently, an attractive job selection, together with a good assessment, which chemical manufacturer and which position meet your requirements and qualifications . When it comes to the type of employment, you have a variety of options, that all have one thing in common: excellent security and very good prospects. 
At the moment there are many long-term temporary positions to be filled in the chemical industry and also permanent positions are offered to a large extent. In addition, every year  an average of ten of our temporary employees are permanently employed. We promote these careers through state-of-the-art training.

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Your skills are in demand in the chemical industry

  Specialized staffing

Traditional science and modern manufacturing processes


Most sought-after profiles in the chemical industry 


Anyone who has excellent experience in the field of chemistry and masters the guidelines of modern chemical production has the best chances. Good SAP knowledge and proven expertise in the 5S method also improve job prospects.


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Do you picture yourself in one of these roles in the chemical industry? Then we look forward to hearing from you. 

  • Chemical employee with experience in research, laboratory, development or sales

  • Employee chemistry industry with expertise in manufacturing and process engineering

  • Agrifood employees for the food production of the future

  • Chemical laboratory assistants (organic chemistry) with proven know-how in the reaction of substances

  • Process engineer for the operation of chemical manufacturing processes



We support you - from CV to interview

 A well-written résumé that highlights your chemistry qualifications and competencies is very important. After all, you are not looking for just any job and you do not want to be an applicant among many. We support you in preparing your application documents and in preparing for your interview.


Chemical industry in the fight against Covid-19


Unlike many other industries, the chemical industry is hardly affected by the corona pandemic. At least not in a negative sense, as many chemical products are manufactured to fight or protect against COVID-19. Additional staff, who guarantee production continuity and an increase in productivity, is therefore more in demand than ever.







Meet our Chemistry experts

Thierry Bosiger



Xavier Wecxsteen


Thierry Bösiger
Branch Manager Morges
Rue du Sablon 2
1110 Morges
T: +41 58 307 23 81


Xavier Wecxsteen
Regional Manager Geneva & Nyon
Esplanade de Pont-Rouge 2
1212 Grand-Lancy
T: +41 58 307 26 41