The Workforce Solution For Unavoidable Downsizing

Downsizing may be inevitable – we will guide you through it!

The economic environment is highly volatile. It is difficult to predict how things will develop and planning certainty is not guaranteed.
It may be that downsizing is unavoidable in this situation, so carrying it out in a socially acceptable way is critical to success. With this in mind, Manpower is offering you a local or virtual job centre with lots of market intelligence. From the day on which their contract is terminated, we assist affected staff with job application issues, offer them professional career advice and support them with reintegration into the job market. Our consultants support, coach and train your staff while they are looking for work.


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The aim of the partnership is to quickly reintegrate the staff affected into the world of work with either a temporary or a permanent assignment. In addition, staff in temporary placements can benefit from the “temptraining” continuing professional development fund.

What are the advantages of a JobCenter for your company?

  • Safeguarding the image of your company
  • Treating those affected with fairness and respect
  • The JobCenter is part of your social plan
  • Your HR department can continue to focus on its main duties
  • Manpower is a neutral point of contact for those affected
  • The JobCenter is easy to implement on site
  • Manpower has a network of clients to help with reintegration into the job market
  • Our consultants’ experience

JobCenter – The Support Process

1st Individual Interview + Test




Individual Counselling


Reintegration Into The Job Market