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Ressources humaines

p>Human resources staff play a key role in any business. The job they do involves combining psychological expertise with strategic and management skills. These employees are found in every company, although their job titles may not always contain the word “human resources” or “HR”. Their role is to deal with staff – the men and women who form the backbone of a business – using not only their expertise and know-how but also their relationships with others, their interpersonal skills and their character.


As a company that specialises in hiring personnel, we devote our efforts every day to carrying out the complex processes involved in recruitment, managing thousands of working hours and salaries, complying with legal requirements and enforcing some 600 collective employment contracts. We also take care of organising training, assessing candidates and developing tailored HR solutions to ease the workload of your internal employees so that they can focus on other projects. 

Jobs within the field of human resources require knowledge of various areas, ranging from labour law and salary management to marketing (for developing employer brands), internal and external communications, the use of motivational incentives and even training and coaching. To help relieve the strain on your HR department, we take care of the most time-consuming tasks such as selecting candidates and managing salaries. We also provide services for setting up HR processes and can come to your premises to take charge of your recruitment activities on site. With personality tests, professional knowledge assessments, analyses of interdisciplinary and interpersonal skills, training based on e-learning and more besides, we offer a wide range of services to help you. 


HR assistant, Training officer, Specialist HR employee, Consultant at an employment agency, HR management consultant, Human resources manager, HR business partner, Team leader, Human resources officer, Human resources specialist, Etc. 

Please note: Although the professions listed may be given in the masculine form, they are practiced by both men and women, regardless of gender.

Training and advanced training for the human resources sector

It is important to keep fully up to date with all the latest developments in your field in order to work professionally and efficiently. Manpower is very aware of this. That’s why we make sure that our employees have the opportunity to take part in training, whether online or classroom-based, or to take advantage of the advanced training fund available to temporary workers to help them work towards professional certification.

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