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Mechanics + electronics + IT

Mechatronics technicians operate in a highly specialised field with elements of tradition and modernity, where mechanics, electronics and IT meet. Their job is to design, develop and maintain automatic and miniaturised assemblies. As these types of system are growing ever more popular, mechatronics technicians are in demand in virtually all industrial sectors: chemistry, buildings and public works, the aeronautics sector and the automotive industry, to name but a few. In the automotive sector, the mechatronics technician is responsible for the testing, maintenance, servicing and repair of all types of vehicles. 

These technicians examine, diagnose, check, install, adjust or change automotive parts and mechanical, electronic, hydraulic or electrical components to ensure that each vehicle functions perfectly. They have a range of skills and are involved in the creation of a product from its design through to its use. Mechatronics technicians can therefore find themselves working in multidisciplinary teams and coming into contact with people from a range of backgrounds. In particular, they are the link between mechanical and electronic engineering specialists, meaning that good interpersonal skills are vital.

Mechatronics technicians have a curious mind and are always on the lookout for ways to keep abreast of technological developments and suggest improvements. Their knowledge of English technical jargon enables them to constantly expand their knowledge. They know the rules of safety and environmental protection inside and out. Mechatronics technicians are confident IT users, with solid experience in the use of computer-aided design software and sound knowledge of the tools used for computer-aided manufacturing design and computer-aided group technology.

They may work for a car manufacturer, in a repair workshop or garage, in the R&D department of an industrial or transportation company, or with subcontractors in the aeronautics industry. Their working hours are generally regular.

Skills required: independence – manual dexterity – intellectual curiosity – an analytical mind – physical stamina – good teamwork – interpersonal skills

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