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Manufacturing & Distribution
Permanent Position Indeterminata
Manufacturing & Distribution
Permanent Position Indeterminata

An all-round technician 

A mechanical adjuster configures machines, puts them into operation and monitors them to make sure they are working correctly. They are responsible for maintenance and servicing of the machinery, as well as disassembling and repairing it in the event of a breakdown, in accordance with the manufacturing documentation. A master of versatility and precision, this all-rounder can be either a micro engineer or a polymechanic – the former dealing with watch and clock making while the latter works with industrial equipment. The only difference is the size of the machines. The daily routine of a mechanical adjuster comprises working with machines of varying sizes and resolving faults that can vary in size.

In order to ensure top production quality that is delivered on schedule and in accordance with the applicable hygiene, safety and environmental protection regulations, mechanical adjusters work tirelessly to optimise the machinery. Machines and equipment are constantly evolving. For this reason, mechanical adjusters must make sure they keep their knowledge up to date in order to master their craft and remain able to adapt to new machinery specifications. 

Depending on their field of activity, mechanical adjusters check the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. They can detect even the slightest fault and are able to discern the cause or causes. With a curious and resourceful nature, they perform tests and identify potential improvements. They eliminate machining faults and check the items produced. They read the operating instructions and quickly absorb the contents of the relevant notes and technical reports. Mechanical adjusters may even be required to write instructions themselves. Some of their other tasks include keeping records of their work and updating their checklists.

While their tasks may form part of a team project, mechanical adjusters often work alone. Their hours are generally regular, albeit linked to the production requirements. They may be asked to provide an on-call service or – more rarely – to work night shifts.

Skills required: technical proficiency – manual dexterity – the ability to read plans and drawings – autonomy – good concentration – good spatial awareness – precision and meticulousness – methodical approach – ability to work in a team

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