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Precision in series production

A bar-turner manufactures precision components in series, such as tiny screws, nuts, pins and other ultra-fine parts. They do this using bars mounted on a special type of lathe that may be automatic or digitally controlled. Bar-turners have to be versatile as well as possessing skills in a highly specialised area. They are able to produce the tiniest of components needed to ensure that a machine functions properly.

The first step in the production process is to read and understand the plans in the specifications they have been given. They then select the material, tools and machine they need. After this, the bar-turner must configure the machine correctly, sharpen the tools if necessary, then mount the bar on the lathe before commencing series production. Once this process is complete, they carry out a quality inspection on the components produced, detecting manufacturing defects at a glance and tracing their origin back to a particular point in the production chain. 

Bar-turners are responsible for the maintenance of their tools and machines so that they are always operational and capable of creating flawless components. This discipline requires its practitioners to stay up to date with the latest developments. To this end, bar-turners keep a close eye on the ever-changing technology used in their machines, materials and techniques. They know their equipment inside and out, as well as being aware of all the variables that could influence the quality of the manufactured components, such as speed, pressure and heat. Bar-turners have excellent spatial awareness in all three dimensions and can easily imagine small elements in perspective.

Bar-turners are highly sought after and can find work in a wealth of fields. Opportunities exist in all manner of different sectors, such as the medical, optical, aeronautical, electronic, automotive and construction industries. They may also work with raw materials and machines of varying complexity.

Skills required: discipline – precision – meticulousness – patience – ability to concentrate – dexterity – team spirit – organisation – adaptability


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