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A warehouse logistician – also known as a logistics preparer – receives goods of all kinds, from raw materials to industrial, pharmaceutical or food products, letters and parcels, furniture and so on. For this vital link in the logistics chain, the list is long and varied. 

Warehouse logisticians have five types of tasks: checking, warehousing, storage, management and distribution of goods according to their manager's instructions so that they can be sent to customers. They are assisted in these tasks by a computerised system of stock management, which they consult and update in order to initiate provision of the necessary supplies. They calculate the quantity of goods received and goods taken from stock, and make sure that the items in storage are rotated regularly.

They group or separate received goods as necessary. For example, in the case of a mass retailer, smaller outlets will require fewer products than a large supermarket. The warehouse logistician is responsible for adjusting the delivered quantities accordingly. They may be required to drive a forklift truck. Warehouse logisticians must act with care and be physically fit. They can adapt their techniques depending on the fragility and the weight of the products being handled. 

Warehouse logisticians work in a team, and are just as comfortable working indoors in warehouses or storage depots as they are outdoors when loading and unloading vehicles or distributing mail. They may be employed by logistics firms or courier companies, but can also work in train stations, ports or airports.

They liaise with supervisors in the logistics sector, HGV drivers and so on. Warehouse logisticians must wear protective clothing and footwear. They are familiar with the rules of hygiene, safety and environmental protection, and follow them at all times. They are also aware of the lifting and carrying techniques needed to avoid injury. Generally speaking, their working hours are regular.

Skills required: Ability to work in a team – autonomy and resourcefulness – methodical and organised – good physical condition – good sense of responsibility

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