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A profession that is found in all branches

Heating or ventilation engineers, blinds or electronic noticeboard fitters, scaffolders and bathroom fitters for the construction industry. Winding mechanism fitters in the watch-making industry and refrigeration engineers in industry. This profession is found in all sectors. The main task of the fitter consists of installing mechanical assemblies, components and parts and machinery with a varying degree of complexity. They take delivery of parts, check them, study the installation drawing provided, identifying and performing the steps involved in assembly and fitting. They correct any defects in parts or rework them so they fit together perfectly, while complying with all production requirements in terms of quality and deadlines.

Following installation, fitters inspect the quality of the assembled unit, perform a functional check and carry out any adjustments and modifications. They work with departments responsible for maintenance, work procedures or quality, and also on the shop floor and at the site of installation.

Given the increasing technical complexity of assemblies, fitters may specialise in a specific type of installation. They also work in teams for service providers specialising in industrial maintenance; in this case they can deal with a wider range of sectors.

Skills required: manual dexterity – precision and meticulousness – thoroughness – a methodical approach – versatility

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