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Human resources specialist

An HR assistant is an administrative specialist in the field of human resources. They analyse workplaces and select and recruit personnel in accordance with the requirements set out by their employer's management team. From time to time, they participate in recruitment interviews alongside colleagues from the service in question. They are adept at writing job descriptions that reflect the company's needs and drafting job offers once a promising potential employee has been found.

The HR assistant is responsible for the administrative aspects of an employee's life at the company, from their start date through to the day they retire or leave to work at a different organisation. The task of managing employee performance evaluations often falls to the HR assistant, who is also a vital point of contact for matters relating to continued training and education. HR assistants have a diplomatic nature and know how to identify and resolve conflicts with the utmost discretion. They handle stress well and can prioritise their work effectively. 

Their knowledge of administrative procedures is second to none, making them the go-to person for questions concerning employment contracts, work permits, resignations, redundancies and work certificates, as well as salary systems and their associated elements, such as social security deductions. When it comes to handling payslips or managing holidays and sick leave, there is nothing that HR assistants do not know. 

They work in a variety of environments, ranging from private companies to public organisations and employment agencies. Depending on the size of the company, the HR assistant works alone or in a team and must therefore have a range of skills depending on their specific job situation. They may be called upon to collaborate with various external service providers, while on an internal level they work with almost all the departments within a company in order to meet their recruitment and training needs and provide targeted support in the case of conflicts. Generally speaking, their working hours are regular.

Skills required: ability to negotiate – good communicator – good at listening to and understanding others – takes the initiative – disciplined – discreet – organised

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