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Salary levels in Sion

Sion offers an average gross salary of CHF 79,000 per year, all sectors included.

Quality of life & working in Sion

Sion is the capital of the Valais. It is the most populated city in the canton. Its geographical location in the middle of the Rhone Valley makes it the economic and cultural center of the region. Its history goes back to the Middle Ages, leaving a unique heritage in Switzerland. Today, Sion accounts for nearly one in five jobs in the canton. According to the Cantonal Statistics Office, in February 2020, Sion accounted for 19.3% of the jobs in the canton, far ahead of the municipalities of Martigny (7.8%), Monthey (6.7%), and Sierre (6.5%).

Sion is also in step with the times, thanks to a system that lends itself to the concept of clean and sustainable energy. In 2020, the municipality hosted a highly innovative reactor to test the Power-to-Gas technology, which transforms surplus electricity from hydraulic, solar and wind power plants into methane.

The sectors that recruit the most in Sion

Job offers in Sion come mainly from the service sector. At the top of the list of recruiters is the cantonal administration. The tourism sector is in second place. Sion has a high number of places to visit, including castles and museums. The medical sector completes the podium, with regular needs for specialized doctors and nurses.

Sion also keeps a subcontracting activity in the watch industry. Finally, the education sector is not without its needs, with positions available at the local university and at various educational institutes.

What is the average salary in Sion?

The average gross salary in Sion is CHF 79,000 per year, all sectors combined.

Which sectors recruit the most in Sion?

Sion is a major centre of the tertiary sector. This sector is the main source of job offers in the canton. Nevertheless, other sectors stand out. Among them, we note the tourism sector, thanks in particular to the castles and museums in the municipality, but also the medical sector, which has been growing in strength, particularly since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis. Finally, the watchmaking industry also contributes to making Sion an important subcontractor in the precision industry.

Why work in Sion ?

Sion is the most dynamic commune in the canton of Valais. It alone accounts for nearly 20% of all jobs and has a low unemployment rate. The tourist, educational and sports activities will delight the newcomers of this city.

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