Human Age

Human Age : from capitalism to talentism


The various eras of history were first defined by the raw materials being worked by early humans – the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age – and then by the fields of knowledge acquired by virtue of their technical advances – the Industrial Age, the Space Age, the Information Age. We are now entering a new epoch: the Human Age.

This era of the human is founded on a common constant: whereas companies used to have to secure capital in order to grow, nowadays this is no longer enough, because it is expertise and talent that will drive a business forward. Being able to access and tap into that talent is thus becoming the most important competitive advantage a company can hope to gain.


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Human Age 2.0

Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO, ManpowerGroup
“Changes in the world of work are accelerating at a pace and scale never seen before."

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The labour market has become “distorted” and needs recalibrating. While its former constituent elements are breaking apart, a new, 21st-century world of work is beginning to emerge. In a report entitled Human Age 2.0: The Future of Work, ManpowerGroup calls for a change in how we think of work and its market.

Drawing on observations and analyses, this white paper proposes strategies for navigating this transformational period in the world of work and for exploiting existing opportunities in order to emerge stronger and robust enough to stay the course and continue to perform in the future.

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