As a candidate, you obviously want applying for a job to be a quick and simple process. We have now made this possible and, at Manpower, you can apply for jobs whether you have an account or not. This document will introduce you to our online application process. You will also find out why it is worth setting up a MyManpower account. As well as even faster, simpler application processes, just one of the features available to you is an overview of your applications in your personalised section on the website.

If you have any questions, please contact the nearest branch office or your recruitment consultant. We will be happy to help you.

Visit the Manpower website in your chosen browser –


I – Job search

1 – Basic search

You can start searching for a job on the main page as well as in the section at the top of nearly every page.

The results can be shown either in a list or map view. You can choose the view you prefer.

2 – Advanced search

You can also refine your search (“Advanced search”). This allows you to set a distance from your preferred location, your desired sector and to indicate whether you are looking for a temporary and/or permanent position. Searches can be saved for later use.

II – Applying for jobs

By clicking on the job’s title or the “See the job ad” button on the right, you can view the job profile in detail.

There are two ways to apply – with a MyManpower account or as a guest


1 – As a guest

When you click on “Apply as a guest”, the following form will open. Please enter the relevant information.

You can then upload your CV and the system will extract available information. You can now finish your application in two steps.

There are only two steps remaining before your application is complete. In the first step, you need to finalise and validate your personal details and you can then also upload documents (certificates, diplomas) and your cover letter to make your application more personal.


Alternatively, you can transfer the details from your social media profile (LinkedIn or Xing). You will then need to follow four steps to complete your application.

Just like when applying with your CV, you can also submit relevant documents with your application in the last “Documents” step when providing details for your application using a social media profile or inputting information manually.

2 – Applying and setting up a MyManpower account

You can apply for a position and create a MyManpower account at the same time, or sign in with an existing account during the application process. You will now see how to apply for a job and create a MyManpower account at the same time. (If you already have a MyManpower account, there will be no step to create an account) .

Click on “Apply and create account”. The following form will open:

Here, you can choose to create an account manually or using a social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing or Google).

If you create the account manually with an email address and password, the validation code will be sent to the email address provided. You then need to enter this code into the field provided. Using the validation code will activate your MyManpower account. (No validation is required when creating an account using a social media profile) You will see that your name appears on the right-hand side at the top: .

You now need to complete your profile. You can either upload your CV or use your social media profile.

If you have uploaded your CV, you need to complete two steps to submit your application.


3 – Applying at the click of a button

If you have completed your profile (from your MyManpower account) by following the steps described above, you can now apply for another job quickly and simply by clicking the “Apply” button.

When you click on “Apply”, you will be taken to an overview page with your finished profile, where you can check your details and documents again and change them if you need to.

When you go back to the results of your job search now, the button will have turned blue.This confirms that you have applied for the job.

III – Speculative applications

If your search does not produce any suitable results and/or none of the job posts match what you are looking for, you can send a speculative application. You can submit speculative applications quickly and simply once you have a finished profile.

You can also send speculative applications as a guest or with a MyManpower account.

Defining preferences is particularly important since these are used for suggesting jobs from the portal.

You can also upload your CV for speculative applications when you first apply and you can then complete and submit your application in three steps.

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IV – Managing my applications

1 –My dashboard

In your personalised “My dashboard” section, you can see an overview of the available job advertisements based on your preferences. You can also see the status of your submitted applications and any documents (CV, files) you have uploaded.

2– Job alerts

When saving your search, you can also set up an email alert to notify you when a position matches your search criteria. You can view your job alerts in your personalised “My dashboard” section on the Manpower website.