As a candidate, you will soon be able to find your favourite jobs online as well as manage your profile and application documents securely online – at any time and from any end device. The same applies to managing applications; once you have completed your profile, you can now apply at the click of a button.

This document helps you to create your account, complete your profile and search and apply for a range of positions.

If you have any questions, please contact the nearest branch office or your personal advisor. We will be happy to help you.

I – Creating an account


You can create an account or log in at the top right of the page. Click “Create account”.

Création compte

Here you have the option of either creating your account manually or using your login details for a social network (Facebook, LinkedIn, XING or Google).


If the account is created manually with an email address and password, the validation email will be sent to the email address provided. The account will only be activated after being validated via the link. Validation is not required when you connect via a social network.

II – Creating a profile

Once you have created an account, you will be asked to create your profile. You have the following three options:

Création profil

1 – Creating a profile using your CV

To create your profile, you can upload your CV (only CV, no other files) in .pdf, .doc, .docx or .rtf format. The system will automatically recognise it and add elements of it to your profile.

2 – Creating a profile using a social network

To create a profile using a social media profile, please click on the appropriate icon. The system will automatically recognise it and add it into your profile.

3 – Creating a profile manually creating a profile

Here you need to enter all of the necessary information into the form yourself.

III – Completing a profile

Once the system confirms that your information has been successfully extracted, you must complete your profile by going through five stages. 

Details to be completed are highlighted in red.

Complétion de profil

Defining your settings (“Preferences”) is particularly important since these are used for suggesting jobs from the portal.


IV – Searching for jobs

1 – Basic search

You can start searching for a job from the main page as well as from the top of every page in your personal portal. The results can be shown in either a list or a map view.

Recherche simple

2 – Advanced search

You can also search in more detail (“Refine search”). You can set your distance from the preferred locality, select your preferred sector and indicate whether you are searching for a temporary and/or permanent position. Searches can be saved for later use.

Recherche avancée

3 – Job alerts

When saving your search, you can also set up an email alert to notify you when a position matches the search criteria. Your job alerts can be viewed in the dashboard (bottom, right).

JobAlerte      JobAlerte 2

4 – Dashboard

On your dashboard, you can find a range of jobs that match your preferences.

Tableau de bord

V – Applying for jobs

Clicking on the job’s title or the “I’d like to apply” button on the right, you can view the job profile in detail.


1 –  Personalise your application

By clicking on the orange “Apply” button, you access the “Edit my application” section. Here you can add a job specific CV, attach a short accompanying text, upload a cover letter or relevant certifications or references


When you now go back to the results of your job search, the button will have turned blue, thus confirming that you have applied for the post.

Search results


2 – Speculative application

If your search does not return any matching results, and none of the job posts matches what you are looking for,, you can send a speculative application. This feature can be found at the bottom left of your dashboard.

Just as with “normal” applications, you can apply “at the click of a button” or by adding other documents.

Speculative application


VI – Managing my applications

1 – Dashboard

You can see the status of your two most recent applications and other job offers that match your preferences on your dashboard.

Manage your applications

2 – Overview

You can view all of your active applications.

Details of the applications

Your applications will be shown as boxes in which the status of each can be seen. You can see further details, such as interview times and places by clicking on the “More information” link.