Generation Y : a career for me

The global study on Millennials at work was carried out by ManpowerGroup between February and April 2016, and surveyed the attitudes of 19 000 young people born between 1982 and 1996 in 25 different countries including Switzerland. The second part of this global study highlights Millennials’ career priorities as well as the type of skills that they seek to develop.

Millennials place the highest value on learning and developing professional skills


“Learning and developing skills is essential to career progression in a changing world of work, where job security has been replaced by career path security. Millennials, who will represent one third of workers by 2020, are fully aware of the need to learn throughout their career – and so they expect the companies who employ them to provide them with training opportunities. This is a new phenomenon that employers and HR managers need to take into account to attract and retain young and talented workers. Having the opportunity to develop skills is a valuable commodity for Millennials – a motivating factor on a par with their salary.” Leif Agnéus, CEO of Manpower Switzerland.


Detailed results

What are their career priorities?

Just 16% of Millennials rank aspiring to leadership roles as a top priority. Working with great people (33%) and making a positive contribution (20%) matter much more.

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What hiring managers say about Millennials

Hiring managers and Millennials agree: learning skills is the key to advancement; a little more than two years is the right amount of time to stay in a role; low pay and no development means it’s time to go. Nonetheless, hiring managers also advise Millennials that they still have things to learn. They say Millennials should lower their initial pay expectations and expand their professional network to move forward along their career path.

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Pleased, but not satisfied

In Switzerland, 70% of Millennials are pleased with how they are being managed. Still, most rank the people management style of their Millennial peers more positively than that of their managers.

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My skills, my career

Millennials are more focused on developing and improving their individual skills (73%) than on learning to manage others (27%).

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