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What we offer:

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When you send us your application, we handle it in a completely confidential manner. We ask for your approval before submitting your application to employers that rely on us for their recruiting.

Speculative application

When you send us your application, we review your file carefully and if your career path matches one of the profiles we are looking for we invite you for an interview. If you receive an negative response, do not hesitate to apply again. Please note that your chances of finding a job will be higher if you are replying to an actual ad posted on our website via MyManpower

Targeted offer

When you send us your application in relation to a job ad, we review it to make sure that your profile matches our client's expectations. If this is the case, we contact you to schedule and interview with one of our personnel consultants.

Tip: Our online ads are frequently updated. Do not hesitate to regularly visit the Find my job section of our website or to set up job alerts in your MyManpower account to receive job ads matching your criteria on your Dashboard.


Registering with one of our branches is free of charge.

A nation-wide network

We will get in touch with any potentially interesting contact from our nation-wide network of branches to find a position suitable for you.

Personalised advice

We take the time to review your CV and cover letter with you to strengthen your profile and highlight your assets in order to boost your chances on the job market.

We decipher with you the content of a job ad and give you all the necessary information to draw up your job offer.

If the company requests, we test your capabilities using certified assessment tools (computer proficiency, languages, etc.).

Detailed information

If your profile is selected by one of our clients, we provide you with detailed information about the company in question and help you prepare for the interview. We stay by your side throughout the hiring process until you sign the contract.

For example, we can give you information about the corporate culture, the average age of your future colleagues, the range of salary you can ask for, social benefits, etc.

When you are hired

Manpower supports you throughout your trial period.


Are you an experienced manager on the look-out for new challenges? We can support you as you build your career. Our team of recruiters specialised in recruiting middle and top managers is constantly in contact with companies looking for people with management skills.

Director, Executive, Head of, Service manager… we can find just the management or leadership position you are looking for.

Examples of profiles

  • HR Manager

  • Commercial Director

  • R&D Engineer

  • Etc.