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Manpower your partner for Executive recruitments

Being a company manager or executive is one of the top-ten most sought-after jobs in Switzerland, and recruiting the right professionals requires special expertise and skill. Our market knowledge, understanding of your company and sector, and our approach with potential candidates give us the edge when it comes to finding the managers that you need. Aware of this, we have set up a dedicated recruitment office for managers and executives called Executive Recruitment.

Above and beyond our know-how when it comes to recruiting experts, specialists and employees, we also have the expertise to help you find manager and top executive profiles (middle and top management) in the sectors in which we work.

A comprehensive understanding of your needs

Some companies have been entrusting us with the recruitment and selection of their permanent and temporary staff for many years, as well as with the management of their HR solutions. This puts us in the advantageous position of having a good understanding of their corporate culture, their organisation, their way of working and their expectations. Our knowledge of their workplace environment, at all levels of their hierarchy, and of the professional setting in which they operate, allows us to understand the implications of their projects, and to target the precise profiles required for their managers. This mutual understanding is a major asset when it comes to recruiting management profiles.

By taking up our Executive Recruitment offer, you are seizing the opportunity to work with a credible partner. You benefit from a one-stop-shop for recruitment – covering all positions necessary for the development of your company, from the core roles to the highest levels of your hierarchy – and allowing you to achieve your objectives. 

A cutting-edge recruitment process

To ensure we find your management profiles efficiently and effectively, we have designed an 8-step recruitment process for managers and decision-makers:

Your project

We meet you to discuss your exact needs in detail (context for the position, personality desired, key technical criteria etc.)

Find candidates

We target candidates who meet your criteria via various sourcing channels.

Assess candidates

Face-to-face interviews, personality tests, reference checks, etc.

Present candidates

We provide you with detailed information on the selected candidates (complete file) and then we discuss them together.


You interview the candidates selected.


We help you make the final choice in the last phase of the recruitment process.

Final interview

You meet the candidate selected for a final job interview.


We adopt a support role during the integration phase as your new employee takes up their position.

Profiles available

Director, Executive, Head of, Service manager… we can find the right managers and leaders for your company in any sector.


Examples of positions recently filled and associated sectors:

  • Marketing Manager Europe M/F (Life Sciences)

  • European Product Manager M/F (Life Sciences)

  • Manager Lean Manufacturing M/F (Life Sciences)

  • Factory Manager M/F (Life Sciences)

  • Commercial Director M/F (Industry)

  • Marketing Director M/F (Industry)

  • Human Resources Director M/F (Public Service)

  • International Key Account Manager M/F (Digital)

  • Head Procurement Officer M/F (Food Industry)

  • Brand Communication Manager M/F (Food Industry)

  • Senior Auditor M/F (Finance)

  • Accounting Director M/F (Watch Industry)

  • Wealth Manager (Banking & Insurance)

Our Permanent Executive offer

Working with our Executive Recruitment office means:

  1. Working with a reliable partner who understands your market

  2. Finding the right M/F candidates when your own recruitment efforts have not yet been successful

  3. Using a tried-and-tested assessment system to make a reliable choice of M/F candidates

  4. Making your recruitment a success thanks to our post-recruitment support (on-boarding).