Manpower Employment Outlook Survey

Cautious optimism returns to the Swiss labor market

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The Manpower employment outlook survey is carried out each quarter to look at companies' intentions with regard to increasing or decreasing their staffing levels in the next quarter. Launched more than 50 years ago in the United States and conducted in 42 countries and territories, this survey represents one of the most recognized employment surveys in the world.

It is composed in a manner that is representative of each national economy and is based on a single question posed to all the employers participating in the study: "How do you see your company's total employment changing during the next quarter, compared with the current quarter?" In Switzerland, the national survey is conducted by Right Management Consultants, who interview over 750 employers.


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Swiss employers' hiring plans for the 3rd quarter of 2017

7 %

prévoient d'embaucher du personnel

88 %

ne prévoient aucun changement

2 %

ne savent pas

3 %

prévoient de réduire les effectifs

Q3 2017 Swiss Manpower Employment Outlook Survey results

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The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey provides you with a forward-looking perspective on hiring in your area. The results help you understand your competition for talent within your industry and market and can help guide your workforce management strategies.

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