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Our dedicated HR consultants recruit well-trained specialists for the construction sector.


Our know-how

Recruiting specialists for building and construction is challenging. The fact that many tradespeople are now recruited from abroad requires very good knowledge of the various professional qualifications as well as administrative expertise about the residence and employment law situation of foreign skilled workers in Switzerland. Our professional recruiters have this knowledge.

We recruit all-rounders with a wide range of professional experience as well as knowledgeable specialists for various construction phases and sectors who match your job specification exactly. Experts in civil engineering, residential construction and the construction of industrial buildings and interior design are in particular demand.

We cultivate our pool of staff which leads to a high level of loyalty and availability. This is important as well-trained specialists are in a very good negotiating position. We also ensure that our staff have completed all training and development as well as safety training and have the work clothing and safety equipment required. We require experience with the WorkControl application which regulates access to and compliance with legal requirements on construction sites for certain positions.

Six good reasons to choose Manpower Construction

Reliable recruitment partner for all HR
needs from a single source

Manpower uses active sourcing to recruit the right talents, as well as various tools to evaluate skills

Compliance with labour laws and collective bargaining agreements

A global network supported by an international group

Construction expert knowledge of the labour market thanks to professional consulting teams and specialised professionals

Based locally and across Switzerland, Manpower is represented in all linguistic regions

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