Assessment and training with Manpower

Your company is looking for talented staff, with the right personality and the essential skills you need to achieve your strategic objectives.

Manpower’s training and assessment tests provide you with solutions that are tailor-made to suit all jobs and sectors.

Recruitment, reorganisation, replacement, professional training and development – whatever the situation, we have the solution in our training programs and assessment tests.

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Assessment solutions

Why not use Manpower’s assessment tests to authenticate and certify your employees’ skills and identify their development potential? Our tests cover know-how, technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, personality and behaviour.

Manpower Ultradex

Created by ManpowerGroup in 1986, the Ultradex™ battery of tests is focused on identifying and assessing key skills through the simulation of specific tasks such as inspection of items, sorting and checking, co-ordinated movement, tool-related assembly and small parts assembly. Ultradex™ tests are not job or industry specific.

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Manpower Evaluation

Online assessment of different skills (languages, spelling), aptitudes (logic, memory), administrative abilities (Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), job-related knowledge (doctor’s reception, call centre) in order to measure candidates’ levels against industry-standard benchmarks.

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Manpower Central Test

We all know that it’s not just a question of diplomas and professional experience – the right behavioural qualities and interpersonal sills are essential. The Central Test psychometric tests allow you to validate your recruitment choices, assess the development potential of your current staff and identify candidates’ character traits.

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Training solutions

Take advantage of our training programs to support the integration of new members of your team or the development of your current staff.

Does your work take place in a specific context? Do you need an even more targeted solution? We will work with you to identify how we can implement situation-specific training programs.

Developed exclusively for Manpower, the interactive powerYou training platform provides online access to more than 4,000 courses in 18 languages. Each actively assigned Manpower associate is granted free access. Because the future is based on knowledge.

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The CBA for Staff Leasing automatically applies to all temporary associates within your company. This provides access to subsidised training costs.

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Manpower’s “Hygiene” training program provides its temporary workers with the essential knowledge of how to approach hygiene at production facilities in the food and chemical industries.

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Occupational health and safety is an issue that affects every industry, especially in high-risk sectors. This means that we are all responsible for ensuring safe working conditions and environments, for promoting security in the workplace and for minimising the risk of accidents or contamination.

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