Manpower Ultradex™

Exclusive to Manpower since 1986, these tests are designed with the manufacturing and precision mechanics (watchmaking, microtechnology, medical and life sciences) industries in mind.

Research with clients showed that different jobs in different industries have common elements which are essential for successful corporate performance. These tests are not job specific, but task specific. They are carried out in person at one of our Manpower branches.

Manpower Switzerland also offers tests specially designed for the precision mechanics industry approved by Swiss watch manufacturers.


Spotting defects and inconsistencies in groups of items or component parts

Sorting and checking

Sorting and checking objects by identifying specific attributes (colour, identification number). Understanding and following spoken instructions.

Coordinated rapid movement

Concentration, bi-manual coordination when moving objects, making precise, steady movements.

Tool-related assembly

Using a hand tool (screwdriver) to assemble or take apart objects, bi-manual coordination, following a blueprint, methodical approach to task.

Precision assembly

Special tests for precision mechanics, approved by Swiss watch manufacturers. Skills assessed: vision, dexterity, logic, quality, following directions and speed. 

PCB and small parts assembly

Skill in assembly of small parts, fine hand-eye co-ordination, following a schematic plan, methodical approach to task

Logging production

Maintaining accurate production records, arithmetic skills (adding, subtracting, percentages, rounding off decimals), neat recording of figures, following step-by-step calculation procedures, logical approach

Manpower Evaluation

Manpower Evaluation is an online testing platform designed by us to test and evaluate the level of knowledge and the job-related skills of candidates. Each test allows us to obtain a detailed assessment of each candidate’s knowledge and ranking compared to all other candidates who have sat the test.

Manpower Evaluation tests can be used to help make recruitment choices. One or several tests may be sent to a group of candidates at the same time, making it easier to compare their results.

Language tests

Scalable tests of written and oral comprehension in typical work situations. Make it possible to determine or check an individual’s language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL levels A1 to C2). Assessments are available for 10 different languages (FR, DE, IT, EN, ES; PT, NL, PL, BR, CN, RU).

Microsoft Office tests

  • Scalable tests in the latest Microsoft Office software environments.

  • Determine or check an individual's proficiency level (intermediate, advanced, expert)

  • The approach taken to achieve the desired result is taken into account

  • Software tested: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Know-how tests

Spelling, typing speed, data entry, data checking, logic, memory.

Job-related tests

For administrative assistants, doctor’s receptionists, accountants, client service agents, hotel workers.

Manpower Central Test

Our psychometric online tests allow you to identify key personality traits and assess the aptitude and potential of an individual. The assessment report that you receive allows you to base all types of HR decision within your company on a reliable and objective analysis. It allows you to quickly identify the potential of a candidate, their suitability for a position and their ability to integrate into your team and corporate culture.

These online assessment tests are quick, reliable and objective. They are scientifically validated and conform to internationally recognised standards for psychometric tests. They are available in 12 different languages.

The pragmatic and transparent report that you receive highlights the personality, motivation, values, aptitudes, interpersonal skills and development potential of an individual.

Professional profile

Our questionnaires allow you to understand an individual’s main workplace personality, gain an in-depth analysis of how an individual’s skills match your requirements, and identify profiles with real potential.

Development and career management

Our tools support you in career planning and management, allowing you to pinpoint key factors for success – professional interests and values – and reliably identify sources of motivation and job satisfaction.

Aptitudes and interpersonal skills

Identify individuals who have the right aptitudes for the job, evaluate their intellectual, social and emotional intelligence and confirm potentials internally.