Our tips for landing that interview

Sending your application is one thing, but landing an interview takes more effort. Here are a few tricks to make sure you get that all-important interview:

  • Five to seven working days after sending your file, call the person to whom you addressed your application in order to convey your motivation verbally. Prepare yourself for the phone call. And smile...as surprising as it may seem, a smile can be heard in one's voice! To find out more, read our article “A phone call can boost your chances”.

  • Be succinct and precise: Say that you are calling about a given position, that you have sent your file on a given date and that you would like to know at what stage in the recruitment process the company is.

  • Express yourself clearly. If the position is still open, say that you would be very interested in meeting them. And if they tell you that the recruitment process has been put on hold, ask for how long; then call back a few weeks later to ask whether the position is still open and especially to show your continued interest.

  • Have your agenda handy to jot down the day and time of the meeting. Write down the address and name of the person you are meeting as well as their direct number.

  • Only send a handwritten letter when you are specifically asked to.