Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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Different kinds of RPO

Recruitment support

On-site advice or partial outsourcing. Our expertise to meet your specific needs.

Rapid and adaptable response to your operational needs. Our support takes whichever form suits you best: on-site advice or off-site support. You will benefit from the expertise of our consultants, who will strengthen your HR team to carry out agreed steps in the recruitment process for you.

Your benefits

  • Quick deployment of personnel

  • Expertise of our dedicated advisors

  • Proven recruitment methods which meet the highest market standards

  • Sharing of best practices with your team

RPO Project

Volume-based approach. Process standardization. A team of experts dedicated to supporting your teams temporarily.

Project-style management concept, involving setting up a team of experts dedicated to your recruitment process to guarantee you a centrally managed, seamless recruitment process and access to local, national and international talent pools.

Your benefits

  • An adjustable solution perfectly adapted to your requirements

  • An expert team dedicated to recruitment

  • The flexibility necessary to cover spikes in recruitment needs

  • High-quality, seamless recruitment process, regardless of location and volume

  • Respect of scheduling and budget constraints

  • Guarantee that your objectives will be met

RPO end-to-end

Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Optimise recruitment and reduce costs with a comprehensive approach

"End-to-end" RPO provides a tailor-made overall framework that allows you to achieve your strategic objectives and recruit the most talented workers.

Integrate our experts into your HR team and capitalize on our best practices and expertise. Bring your recruitment process into line with your strategy and corporate culture by optimizing your recruitment process and allowing your HR team to concentrate on their strategic activities.

Your benefits

  • Consummate integration of experts into your HR team

  • Recruitment aligned to strategy


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Why entrust Manpower with your recruitment


No two organizations are identical. That’s why our experts carry out a thorough analysis of your organization and your talent needs to guarantee your success. We use sourcing strategies that are tried and tested for identifying talented workers wherever they are and skillfully attracting them. Our experience and expertise ensure that your organization acquires the most talented workers efficiently and effectively.

Innovative approach

Our unique position and our visionary leadership on the job market allow us to bring you innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that you sustain your competitive advantage.

Tailor-made solutions

Our RPO solutions are designed to meet our clients’ objectives. Our collaborative approach makes us a strong but flexible partner. We fully align ourselves with your corporate culture, your strategy and your organisation to ensure that we recruit the talented workers you need.

Global approach. Local expertise

Our strong international, national and local presence ensures that we have an excellent understanding of every market. This allows us to exploit the strength of our local network and expertise to meet your need for talented workers anywhere in the world.


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Our expertise

What you should look for in an RPO provider

It used to be that companies looked exclusively at cost and process to identify the right Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider. However, as global economic recovery as increased pressure on talent markets, employers are coming to understand that the right RPO relationship must go beyond the expectations set in traditional service level agreements. Forward-thinking businesses are looking for true strategic RPO partners who have insider knowledge of market needs, talent flows, new recruiting technologies and new ways of leveraging data to inform decision-making.

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Recruiting a Competitive Workforce: Should Needed Skills be Built or Bought?

Executives in virtually every industry are concerned about the lack of available talent. Globally, the working-age population is on the decline while the number of retirees is on the rise. At the same time, low-skilled workers exceed demand while highly educated ones are in short supply. For the foreseeable future, it appears there will always be more buyers (employers) than there is product to buy (talent).

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